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Registration Tutorial

Step 1. Go to and click join the gym online or sign up for classes.

Step 2. Log in or Become a Member.

Never registered before? Click on "Forgot Password/Create Logins? Click here" if you're a Yale student with a Yale email. Proceed to Step 3 if this is the case.

If you're not a student but Yale affiliated, you need to click on "Become a Member".

Step 3. Enter your Yale email address.

Step 4. None-students Yale affiliates will need to create pick a membership plan.  Other users will be sent a new password. Once you can log in with your username and password, you need to click on this Home symbol.


Step 5. Click on Program Registration. Pick Martial Arts. And click on "Add to cart" for either Taekwondo Advanced or Taekwondo beginner. Say "Continue" to the online waiver. Continue to cart and submit to payment.

C o p y r i g h t

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