P o o m s a e

Poomsae, or forms, are sets of ordered techniques designed to strengthen the students' grasp of application and movement of basic techniques learned in class. Each time a student performs any poomsae, he or she must keep in mind that the form is an exercise in combat, in which he or she is fighting against one or more invisible opponents. Constant and thoughtful practice of forms yields improvements in focus, strength, stamina, balance, and discipline. The World Tae Kwon Do Federation, of which Yale Tae Kwon Do is a part, recognizes two major sets of eight forms each, the Taegeuk forms and the Palgwe forms, after which the student will learn specific black belt forms. Both sets of eight are based on the the ancient work the Book of Changes, or "I Ching," in which eight different combinations of Um Yang/Yin Yang are defined.

The eight stages are: Heaven, Joyfulness, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountains, and Earth.

There is no complete guide to the poomsae available on this site, but below is a listing of all poomsae taught by the Yale Tae Kwon Do club and the belt levels associated with each. There is also an excellent poomsae guide available in the Reference portion of the Links section.

Rank Form(s) Meaning
White Belt (10th Gup) Ki Bon Il/E/Sam/Sa Jang Basic forms 1, 2, 3, and 4. These are simply meant to familiarize the student with the basic applications of the techniques they have learned, as well as work on stances and combinations.
Yellow Belt (9th Gup) Taeguk Il Jang The first of the Taeguk forms, this form is meant to symbolize Keon, or Heaven. As with Heaven, it represents the beginning or creation of all other things in the universe. Performed with simplicity and grace.
Yellow Belt (8th Gup) Taeguk E Jang This form is meant to symbolize Tae, or the balance between inner firmness and outer softness. Techincally, it begins to incorporate more frequent stance changes and kicks.


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