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Being a martial art, needless to say, TKD involves physical motions and strength in its training. In addition to TKD well perfected moves for the body, this martial arts has undergone the test of time and scientific refinements, therefore, even though TKD seems to require a lot of physical strength, it does not bring harm to the practitioner when the student trains under a true master. It is because the training was devised in such a way to build the body strength in a progressive manner, and the moves were taught from the simple to the more complex ones. That is the reason we have seen Tae Kwon Do practitioners as young as 5 years old to a person as aged as 90 years old. Therefore, the student in TKD will develop his/her strength and body coordination safely and gradually as he/she moves up in level of learning (gup/dan).

The practice of martial arts involves numerous motions requiring the body a great training in coordination, endurance, strength, and flexibility. Therefore, as the student in TKD matures over time, TKD has provided to the body a good shape and a good coordination.


A person with strength but without a controlled strength will become a danger to himself/herself and society. Tae Kwon Do is a martial arts which teaches not only martial arts techniques but also the philosophy of it and therefore lead the student to choose the best way of going through life. This may come from the way that TKD was taught in reputed and serious schools. It required commitment, discipline, and mostly humility. This will help to guide the student to become a warrior with inner peace, to bring peace and harmony to his/her surrounding with the ability to use his/her martial arts skills if needed.

Tae Kwon Do, therefore, is more than a sport. It is a way of life.


Tae Kwon Do, because of its rich origin encompassing Buddhism and a high warrior spirit inherited from the earlier days of the Hwarangdo warriors, provided in training a background of high spirit of dedication to humanity and unselfish help to those in needs in the community and in the country. At the same time, TKD students also inherit the perseverance and indomitable spirit in front of obstacles. It is an excellent mean to bring up a human being.

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