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If you are interested in joining the club, and are on campus, the best advice is to check our Practice Schedule, find a class that is convenient for you, and come to train with us. We train hard, and work hard, but are always happy to welcome new members or those interested in our classes. Feel free to also observe our classes if you do not wish to participate.

The Procedure

The best times to explore our club are at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters, in September and January/February, as it is when we specifically focus upon welcoming and nurturing new members of the club (but don't let that stop you from joining at any other time!). Anyone who wishes to join the club can attend without a uniform (dobok) or fees initially, but if you wish to continue, there will be a $40 fee for each semester of training, as we must fund our participation in tournaments and pay Payne Whitney for the use of our training room. Watch the news on the home page for announcements of registration periods and class events.

Things to Remember

As a last note, please remember when attending one of our classes that certain measures should be taken for your safety and ensure your enjoyment of the class. Among these, come well hydrated, dressed in comfortable athletic clothing, and try not to eat for roughly an hour before class begins. Finally, remember that you are just starting, so explore the new movements and techniques, but do not become frustrated or overexert yourself. Basics are the foundation of any good martial artist, and growth will occur naturally with time.

Come Join Us!

We welcome members of all martial arts and those with all levels of experience, from Tae Kwon Do to Kung Fu and from those who have trained their whole lives to those who are just beginning. Tae Kwon Do can be a great way to develop yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually, so please, come visit us!

If you would like some further information, please e-mail one of our Officers.
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