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Tournaments are often considered very important to the complete development of a martial artist because they are the only areas in which an individual can test his or her skill against others in a constructive and non-disruptive way. Students generally compete in 2-3 categories: forms, sparring, and breaking. The Yale Tae Kwon Do Club competes in the Ivy-Northeast Collegiate Tae Kwon Do League (INCTL), a league comprising eighteen schools in the northeaster United States. There is no breaking competition, but there is sparring and forms. We attend about four tournaments a year in addition to holding our own, traditionally in early April of each year.

Points to Remember

  • There is no obligation to compete in tournaments, but if you do, you must do your best, both for yourself and for the team.
  • Sportsmanship is a rule to be followed at all times. You are not only a competitor, but you are also a martial artist. Respect yourself and respect others.
  • There is a one-time fee of $60.00 to be paid early in the year which will allow you to attend three tournaments throughout the year. Make sure you pay it, or you will not be able to compete!
  • Be careful. You must purchase all protective sparring gear ahead of time and have it for tournament, or else you will be disqualified. In addition, train hard, but do not overexert yourself. The martial arts have been made to ensure a steady rate of growth. It is there, push but don't do mad.
  • Have fun. Enjoy your art. Learn!

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