The Devil is beating his wife
they say or getting married
in a hall of mirrors     or of flames

Somewhere the jackal-angel admires
himself like a drunk teenager forming
guns with his hands     whispers pew pew

Pew is to altar as ray is to thunder
The sun swims out of a cloud
There’s talk of a hurricane     growing

My father was struck by lightning once
and only once, afield in summer
you can still see the spot     shiny & bare

Now the Devil is selling his home
they say or buying one
in a cul-de-sac of mirrors     or of flames

The neighbors empty onto their lawns
A subtle alteration in the weather
The sky an embering bruise     half-healed

The rain splits sunlight like a lip
Its spectrum ignites the whole house
The neighbors a mute     congregation

Somewhere a field stings of ozone
Somewhere I flex at my reflection
Somewhere the Devil is ordering room service
They say my father struck my mother once     and only once