Tide up across spring neck
pincer of tide and wide wave
riding high over sea defense
to lash concrete and stone
flail and scratch at windows
rub rust into ballast wounds
neap at adjustment as boats
swirl to arrive or escape
sun on clock-face and seaweed
on walkways kinetic wrestling
boat lifted from flanks bleeds
runnels and shuddering pools
keel-hauled over sandy bottom
still as under-water we all see
where so much recirculates
single mast of beheaded ketch
a recollection or maybe
really there as a claim to act
hoping to cut some slack
bob out past lighthouse
and seal pacts.


Keels over settles refloats fetch contact stress point
stuck and drowned as muddy hullabaloo below tide
mark diggings castles moats estuaries plastic sharps
the odd half of a bivalve goes and comes round returns
what flow microclimates cases of faith jettisoned
like sea burials where no definite articles take as keeling
over varies by point of withdrawal an imbalance on deck
an outboard motor tilted and favouring one side one
angle of descent how it settles how a flotilla rests
in absence of water as tide diminishes waves hammer
planks and stress bodies of coming in never going out never.


Weighted to tilt on pivot
fulcrum rest as our touch to open
personal agendas of lunar stoppages
a curve collapse to rest bell-rungs
of mirror to silty undercurrents
flurries in hardened light of day-tide
rest of boats on one side whatever
sludge or pristine aspiration
they float upon cushions of tendency
to rest on one side or another
heart-side or breath checked by
catamarans’ appearance of verticality
when a wobble and pessimism
play middleground stern
directional favouring neither port
nor starboard and charting less
charting fewer hazards of buoyancy.


5.30pm refloat

Tip toe / head over heels
stern to prow / fling of curve
rapidly wax/ encircling wane
cut off / island diminishing
Narcissus / refractors of sunshower
to whittle / the field of play
see weight / houses staggering upwards.


Sets of seven revivify collision.
Smashers. Fugues. Corymbs. Strings.
Contrapuntal formalism.

6.  “Wreck of the Alba” – Alfred Wallis

Barely clad on wreck beach coal sack
To forth an island beacon break back
Rescue to launch freak-out have a crack
At lifting lifeboat and contents rock
Teeth gnash a clutch of crew to mix a lock
Of primordial rope swig a chalice or make
Provenance sway beneath frothy lack
Of walkable water as light smacks
Porthmeor Beach we wander streets tight as decks
No longer hold sky and sea and land in racks
But swinging nooses to keep back
Coils of ropey ocean reaching up to hack
The waste of icons made flashback
Rescued to cite flotation to save all necks.


Wave chart | John Kinsella