Or a man, for that matter.
A dog perhaps, but only in
An emergency.  Suture the
Wound and hope for the best.

It’s an indication of something
And perhaps even an omen.
If I may go that far.
As far as the eye can see, in some cases.

I know you don’t believe in
The gradual dispersal of sorrow,
But isn’t it worth trying the
Native cuisine?

They salt everything.  No, not to
Preserve, but to fill their leisure
Time.  It weighs heavily upon them.
That is what is meant by the term “impasto”.

You could, if you prefer, discontinue
Your membership and join another club.
Chess or fencing or volunteer rubbish collecting
All have openings.

Whatever you do, don’t give them your
Real name.  It’s where the term
“Succubus” originated.  These are not
Warnings, merely prognostications, heartfelt.