VOLUME LXXVI (1986-1987)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]

VOLUME LXXVI, NO. 1 (December 1986)

Seamus Heaney The Impact of Translation 1
James Tatum The Iliad and Memories of War 15
Todd Lieber Steers A Story 32
Julie Agoos Florence Interlude A Poem 42
Debora Greger Two Poems 43
Charles Wright From a Journal of the Year of the Ox A Poem 46
Editors Boston in Turmoil: A Foreword 49
Kevin H. White Boston in Turmoil: Ironies 51
J. Anthony Lukas Boston in Turmoil: A Matter of Class 56
Harvey Cox Boston in Turmoil: Uncommon Time 62
Peter Makuck Bound Away A Story 74
Frank Vick Pigeons A Story 91
Frank J. Popper The Strange Case of the Contemporary American Frontier 101
Howard Moss Seven Odes of Departure A Poem 122
Albert Goldbarth Shawabty, Ushabi, or Shabti Figures A Poem 124
Michael J. Rosen Always the Deeper Meaning A Poem 125
Elizabeth Spires The Needle A Poem 126
Anthony Hecht Envoi A Poem 127
Barry Goldensohn Love and Work 128
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 136

VOLUME LXXVI, NO. 2 (June 1987)

Isaiah Berlin Edmund Wilson at Oxford 139
Peter Blume A Recollection of Hart Crane 152
Jerome Bruner Le Patron: Jean Piaget 157
Robert Brustein Lionel Trilling: Memories of a Mentor 162
Hortense Calisher Stead 169
Paul A. Freund Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. 178
Nat Hentqff Finding Malcolm X 181
John Hersey First Job 184
Richard Howard Manila Clipper 198
G. Evelyn Hutchinson Rebecca West 203
Harry Levin Jean Renoir 206
Kenneth MacKenzie Remembering Casey 214
William Maxwell Zona Gale 221
W. V. Quine Carnap 226
Rosanna Warren Two Poems 231
David Lehman Cambridge, 1972 A Poem 234
Konrad Kellen Reminiscences of Thomas Mann 238
Sidney Lovett A Boy's Recollections of William James 247
Howard Nemerov A Christmas Card of Halley's Comet A Poem 256
Henri Cole Saint Stephen's Day with the Griffins A Poem 256
Sidney Wade Kansas Weather A Poem 258
Jay Parini Reading through the Night A Poem 259
Grace Schulman Easter in Bellagio A Poem 260
Michael Lee The Kid A Story 261
Jincy Willett Mr. Lazenbee A Story 268
Christina Baker From Whence the Rivers Come A Story 285

VOLUME LXXVI, NO. 3 (June 1987)

Quentin Bell Meeting Matisse 295
Sissela Bok Alva Myrdal 300
Cleanth Brooks An Evening with Robert Graves 309
Stanley Cavell Notes after Austin 313
Monroe Engel An Exemplary Edmund Wilson 323
Robert Giroux E. M. Forster 334
Francine du Plessix Gray Charles Olson and an American Place 341
May Swenson In Florida A Poem 353
Mark Rudman My Quarrel with Thoreau A Poem 354
Charles 0. Hartman After Kuo Hsi A Poem 356
Jerome Mazzaro Near Sisyphus A Poem 357
W. S. Merwin Two Poems 358
Paul Morgan L'Apres-midi de Mary Garden 361
Victor Llona Sightseeing in Paris with Theodore Dreiser 374
William H. Pritchard West of Boston: Robert Frost 380
Willie Ruff Three Musical Passions of Paul Hindemith 386
Adrienne Rich In Memoriam A Poem 411
Wendy Battin Calling & Singing A Poem 412
Robert B. Shaw There and Back Again A Poem 412
Suzanne Gardinier Tonight A Poem 414
Sherod Santos The Easter Manifestations A Poem 415
John Koethe Pining Away A Poem 417
Bayard Rustin A. Philip Randolph 418
Mary Lee Settle Maugham 428
Eileen Simpson A Courier for Jacques Lacan 440
Brian Urquhart Remembering Ralph Bunche 448
Maury Yeston Alan Jay Lerner 452

VOLUME LXXVI, NO. 4 (September 1987)

Natalie Zemon Davis "Any Resemblance to Persons Living or Dead": Film and the Challenge of Authenticity 457
Paul Horgan A Writer's Margins 483
Stanley Kauffmann Two Vulgar Geniuses: Augustin Daly and David Belasco 496
Peter Sacks Autumn A Poem 514
Ben Belitt Displaced Person A Poem 518
Jane Brown Gillette A Preface for Mrs. Parry 520
Lewis S. Feuer Recollections of Alfred North Whitehead in the Harvard Setting (1931-1937) 530
George Bradley Cyclopean Wall in the Alto-Molise A Poem 551
Rachel Hadas Four Angers A Poem 552
David Craig Austin Good Friday A Poem 553
Emily Grosholz The Warning A Poem 554
Sarah Arvio Library at Los Milagros A Poem 554
Nicholas Christopher Collecting Stamps in Port-au-Prince A Poem 555
Steve Barthelme Zorro A Story 557
Ed Minus The Furniture Store A Story 569
Ned Polsky Centenaries for 1987 in the Humanities ix