VOLUME LXXV (1985-1986)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]


VOLUME LXXV, NO. 1 (February 1986)

Hamlin Garland Stephen Crane as I Knew Him 1
Ford Madox Ford Working with Conrad 13
Harold Nicolson Hindenburg 29
Frank O'Connor Two Friends: Yeats and A. E. 40
Erik H. Erikson The First Psychoanalyst 63
Frank O'Connor The English Soldier 86
William Saroyan Five Ripe Pears 99
Maxim Gorki Song of the Blind 105
John Cheever The Brothers 113
Eudora Welty Asphodel 129
Shirley Jackson Men with Their Big Shoes 141
Edwin O'Connor Parish Reunion 150
Kai Erikson Retrospect v
Maureen Howard Retrospect: Fiction in Review xxvii

VOLUME LXXV, NO. 2 (February 1986)

José Ortega y Gasset Kant and the Modern German Mind 161
Thomas Mann Germany and the Germans 181
Marcelle Tinayre French Women after the War 200
S. C. Thompson A Whaling Cruise in The Sea Fox 210
Emily Dickinson Two Unpublished Poems 224
Robert Frost Four Poems 225
Edith Wharton The Great American Novel 229
André Gide Henry James 239
Virginia Woolf A Conversation about Art 242
Wallace Stevens Effects of Analogy 255
Katherine Anne Porter "Noon Wine": The Sources 271
John Hersey The Legend on the License 289
David Wagoner Lullaby through the Side of the Mouth 315
Robert Penn Warren From You, Emperors, and Others: Two Poems 316
Robert Lowell The Public Garden 318
John Berryman Two Dream Songs 319
Penelope Laurans Retrospect: Poetry in Review vii
B. H. Haggin Retrospect: Recording and Records xvi

VOLUME LXXV, NO. 3 (June 1986)

Mary de Rachewiltz Pound as Son: Letters Home 321
Emily Mitchell Wallace Some Friends of Ezra Pound: A Photographic Essay 331
A. Walton Litz "Remember that I have remembered": Traces of the Past in The Pisan Cantos 357
Irving Feldman From All of Us Here A Poem 368
Mary Jo Salter The Annunciation A Poem 370
Susan Snively The Women at the Watching A Poem 370
Timothy Steele Beatitudes, While Setting Out the Trash A Poem 372
Louis L. Martz Pound: The Prophetic Voice 373
Lloyd G. Reynolds Economics in History: The Poetic Vision of Ezra Pound 385
Barry Goldensohn Pound and Antisemitism 399
Sandra McPherson Two Poems 422
Reg Saner What We See Is What We Are A Poem 424
Lee Upton Aide-Mémoire A Poem 425
Kay Ryan The Animal Itself A Poem 427
John Frederick Nims Closed for Restoration A Poem 428
Vernon Shetley The Place of Poetry 429
William H. Youngren Contemplating Musicology 437
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 445
Comment: Edward Mendelson Word Processing: A Continuing Guide for the Perplexed 454

VOLUME LXXV, NO. 4 (October 1986)

E. P. Thompson The Reasons of the Yahoo 481
George J. Watson Cultural Imperialism: An Irish View 503
Terrence Des Pres On Governing Narratives: The Turkish-Armenian Case 517
Amy Clampitt The Odessa Steps A Poem 532
Marilyn Hacker Two Poems 533
Stephen Tapscott Two Poems 534
Ira Sadoff In the House of the Child A Poem 535
Alfred Corn The Candlelight Burglary A Poem 536
Pattiann Rogers The Next Story A Poem 538
Robert Polito Nana A Poem 539
Joseph LaPalombara The Achille Lauro Affair: A Note on Italy and the United States 542
Wendell Bell The Invasion of Grenada: A Note on False Prophecy 564
James Merrill The Ponchielli Complex A Poem 587
Joyce Carol Gates Heat A Poem 588
Baron Wormser Starting the First Fire, Autumn A Poem 589
William Logan Disease and Etiquette A Poem 589
Alan Williamson The City A Poem 591
Virginia W. Rasmussen The Peril of Ecological Illiteracy: Thoughts for the Graduating Class 594
Janette Turner Hospital The Mango Tree A Story 601
Janet Levine Inside Apartheid 610
Patricia Nelson Limerick True West 619
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 628
Comment: Charles Bernstein Pound and the Poetry of Today 635