VOLUME LXXII (1982-1983)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]


VOLUME LXXII, NO. 1 (October 1982)

E. P. Thompson Deterrence and "Addiction" 1
Richard J. Barnet The Future of Democracy 19
Nelson W. Polsby Party Realignment in the 1980 Election 41
James Richardson To Odysseus on the Hudson A Poem 55
Stephen Sandy Wall, South Dakota A Poem 57
Sharon Olds Two Poems 58
Elizabeth Spires Two Poems 60
Colette Inez Lake Song A Poem 62
Louis L. Martz Ammons, Warren, and the Tribe of Walt 63
Nathan Irvin Huggins Ethnic Americans 84
Thomas McFarland Complicated People: Three Studies in the Romantic Sensibility 95
Robert Scholes Structuralism: Around and Beyond 105
Richard Howard On Mallarmé and Bataille 108
William B. Goodman The Business of Books 112
Harold Bloom The Criticism of Our Climate 116
B. H. Hoggin New Records in Review 121
Peter G. Bourne Jimmy Carter: A Profile 126
Amélie Oksenberg Rorty Western Philosophy in China 141
Reader's Guide:
Burton Spivak Jefferson and His Time viii
Kenneth Gross Endlesse Worke: Spenser and the Structures of Discourse x
John Baskin The Formal Voice xvii
Owen Lattimore Chinabound xxii

VOLUME LXXII, NO. 2 (January 1983)

Ursula K. Le Guin A Non-Euclidean View of California as a Cold Place to Be 161
Stanley Cavell The Thought of Movies 181
Octavio Paz The Same Time A Poem 201
Martin Green Tolstoy, Keats, and Shakespeare 206
Timothy C. Weiskel Rubbish and Racism: Problems of Boundary in an Ecosystem 225
Jincy Willett Anticipatory Grief A Story 245
W. Bishop Travelers Sleeping A Poem 258
David Citino Two Poems 259
Grace Goldin Three Poems 260
Peter Cooley Frog Hunting A Poem 262
Richard Sieburth Howard's Flowers 263
Joseph LaPalombara Blackshirts, Bombast, and Mirrors 272
Monroe Engel A Placed Life 279
Barbara Gutmann Rosenkrantz Non-Random Events 284
Giles Gunn American Studies as Cultural Criticism 296
John Mack Clifford Odets and the Creative Transformation of Narcissism 305
Kingman Brewster A Past Most Pertinent to the Present 311
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 316
Reader's Guide
Carl Pletsch Sociological Impressionism viii
Rosabeth Moss Kanter Women in Law x
Carolyne Wright Chilean Writers in Exile xiii

VOLUME LXXII, NO. 3 (April 1983)

Edmund S. Morgan Government by Fiction: The Idea of Representation 321
George d'Almeida Memoirs of an Ismaric Spear A Poem 340
David Bromwich The Originality of Hazlitt's Essays 366
Richard Moore The Balancer: Yeats and His Supernatural System 385
Jonathan Penner Things to Be Thrown Away A Story 399
Rebecca Kavaler Those Grand Old Songs A Story 403
S. Ben-Tov A Young Doctor in the Gardner Museum A Poem 415
Mark DeFoe Opossum Spring A Poem 416
Michael Waters The Story of the Caul A Poem 417
Ira Sadoff After a Disappointing Visit with Old Friends I Try In Vain to Recover the Joys of Childhood A Poem 418
Stephen Dunn Tangier A Poem 419
James M. Cox The Lee Shore 420
Helen Chasin What Have You Done? What Have You Done? 426
Christopher Ricks "Benignant Influence" 439
Margaret Homans Daddy's Girl 445
Stephen Greenblatt A Crisis of Poetic Faith 455
B, H. Haggin New Records in Review 458
Comment: Roger Rosenblatt The Road to Khao I Dang 463
Reader's Guide
Adrienne Munich Woman and the Demon: The Life of a Victorian Myth viii
David Lehman The Twofold Vibration xii

VOLUME LXXII, NO. 4 (July 1983)

Phyllis Rose A Victorian Marriage: Catherine Hogarth and Charles Dickens 481
Lidia Avilova The Puzzle A Story 522
Willis Johnson The Ice Fish A Story 541
Patricia Meyer Spacks Gossip: How It Works 561
Harvey Birenbaum The Art of Our Necessities: The Softness of King Lear 581
Louis Coxe Two Poems 600
Jody Swilky Tenants A Poem 601
Rennie McQuilkin The Undoing A Poem 602
Dan Masterson Treehouse A Poem 603
Martha Hollander Central Park A Poem 604
Paul H. Fry Northrop Frye's Myth of Concern 605
Carol F. Karlsen On Witchcraft and Witch-hunting 612
Ishmael Reed Charles Davis: A Pioneer Critic 619
Carlos R. Hortas Growing Up Hispanic 622
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 627
Norman Birnbaum What Really Happened at the Sorbonne 632
Edward Mendelson The OED in Review ix