VOLUME LXXI (1981-1982)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]

VOLUME LXXI, NO. 1 (October 1981)

Gregory Bateson The Eternal Verities 1
Geoffrey H. Hartman Plenty of Nothing: Hitchcock's North by Northwest 13
Michael G. Cooke Rational Despair and the Fatality of Revolution in West Indian Literature 28
Helen Chasin Impossible A Story 39
Jeffrey L. Duncan The Design of Hawthorne's Fabrications 51
Gretchen Graf Jordan Adultery and Its Fruit in The Scarlet Letter and The Power and the Glory:
The Relation of Meaning and Form 72
A. R. Ammons Spiritual Progress A Poem 88
John N. Morris In the Album A Poem 89
W. S. Di Piero Early Light A Poem 90
Amy Clampitt Letters from Jerusalem A Poem 92
Robert Shaw Two Poems 94
Stephen Yenser Recent Poetry: Five Poets 97
Nancy F. Cott The Confederate Elite in Crisis 121
Donald G. Marshall Criticism and Creativity 129
Hana Demetz The Valley of the Shadow 138
John Morton Blum To Nuremberg and Beyond 141
Martin Green The Soldier Caste 145
Alexander Welsh Dickens Among Fallen Women 149
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 157
Reader's Guide: David E. Schoonover Hemingway's Letters x

VOLUME LXXI, NO. 2 (January 1982)

Ezra Pound Fragment, 1944 A Poem 161
H. D. Other Sea-Cities A Poem 165
W. H. Auden Pride A Poem 172
Hugh Kenner Poets at the Blackboard 173
James Laughlin William Carlos Williams and the Making of Paterson 185
Fred C. Robinson "The Might of the North": Pound's Anglo-Saxon Studies and "The Seafarer" 199
Alfred Corn Wallace Stevens: Pilgrim in Metaphor 225
Daniel Hoffman A Letter to W. H. Auden A Poem 236
Robert Fitzgerald Aeneid III, 1-72 A Translation 238
Terrence Des Pres A History of Death 241
Edith Milton Fables for Our Times: Six Novels 254
Richard Falk Slightly Beyond the Best and the Brightest 267
Patricia Meyer Spacks How We Talk 274
Sally Falk Moore A Theatre State? 280
Lowry Nelson, Jr. Certifying the Novel 285
David J. Gordon Analyst and Critic: New Relations 288
J. D. McClatchy Accounts of Auden 293
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 299
Comment: Fred A. Bloom Seeing Dylan Seeing 304
Reader's Guide
Michael Ferber The Paintings and Drawings of William Blake ix
Mary T. Reynolds Joyce's Politics xiii
Jonathan Rieder The Odyssey of the American Right xvii

VOLUME LXXI, NO. 3 (April 1982)

William H. Gass Emerson and the Essay 321
James Dougherty Jane Addams: Culture and Imagination 363
Stephen Dixon The Frame A Story 380
Richard Wilbur Racine, Andromache, from Act Four, Scene One A Translation 386
Mono Van Duyn The Learners A Poem 388
Alan Williamson Hyde Park at Thirty-Five A Poem 389
John Barnie The Death of King Arthur A Poem 390
Rachel Hadas Black Light A Poem 391
Arnost Lustig Auschwitz-Birkenau 393
Brand Blanshard Plea Bargaining with the Universe 404
Gianfranco Poggi Western Civilization: A Critical Study 409
Margaret W. Ferguson "Debate That Bleedeth at Our Doors": Recent Criticism of Shakespeare 414
William H. Chafe Women's History: Some Continuing Challenges 426
Susan Gubar Eve's Lexi-Cons 446
Roy Andrew Miller Mozart Scored for Mouth Organ 453
Jason H. Silverman Race, Class, and Caste in Nineteenth-Century America 458
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 467
Comment: Jonathan Elkus An Encounter with the New Pirates 472
Reader's Guide: Doris L. Eder Foreigners viii

VOLUME LXXI, NO. 4 (July 1982)

Leo Brandy Popular Culture and Personal Time 481
Sidney W. Mintz Culture: An Anthropological View 499
Howard S. Becker Culture: A Sociological View 513
Robert Fitzgerald Culture and the Homeric Poems 528
Marylin B. Arthur Women and the Family in Ancient Greece 532
Anne F. Rosner In the Chinaberry Tree A Story 548
Herbert Marks The Counter-intelligence of Robert Frost 554
W. S. Merwin Two Poems 579
Amy Clampitt Stacking the Straw A Poem 580
Grace Schulman City of Many Names A Poem 581
Irving Feldman The Epiphanies A Poem 582
David Bergman The Madame Considers Her Future State A Poem 583
Jerome B. Grieder The Chinese and Their Revolution 584
James Olney Anthropology, Autobiography, Gynecology 591
Richard H. Brodhead The "New" Sister Carrie 597
John F. Kasson The Past in the Present 601
Michael Seidel Studies of Joyce 604
Stephen Tapscott Proust Retrouvé 612
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 623
Comment: Ralph Kirkpatrick Recollections of Two Composers: Hindemith and Stravinsky 627
Reader's Guide: Adrienne Munich Robert Browning: The Poems viii