VOLUME LXX (1980-1981)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]


VOLUME LXX, NO. 1 (October 1980)

John Hersey The Legend on the License 1
Youth in the Sixties: Three Views
Michael Harrington Contradictions and Complexities 26
Robert Coles The South and Harvard 38
David Bromwich Two Moments 52
Don Nichols My Grandmother's Rhetorician A Story 63
John Halberstadt The Making of Thomas Wolfe's Posthumous Novels 79
Robert Penn Warren Chthonian Revelation: A Myth A Poem 95
Robert Pinsky The Living A Poem 97
F. D. Reeve A Pair of Gloves A Poem 99
James Merrill Developers at Crystal River A Poem 100
Jay Parini Two Poems 101
Dorothy Emerson Two Poems 103
Todd Gitlin The Failure of Muscles to Form a Mask A Poem 104
Stephen Yenser Recent Poetry: Five Poets 105
Howard Zinn Civility and Social Change 128
Nathan Glazer The Plot Against Play 132
John Baskin Human Voices, Human Hearers 139
Victor Erlich The Life of Blok 143
Phyllis Rose Of Moral Bonds and Men 149
B. H. Hoggin New Records in Review 156

VOLUME LXX, NO. 2 (January 1981)

The Uses of Poetry
John Hollander A Poetry of Restitution 161
Robert B. Shaw Farewells to Poetry 187
The Uses of History
Gushing Strout The Historical Hero in a Psychological Age 206
James Turner Recovering the Uses of History 221
Rebecca Kavaler Tigers in the Wood A Story 234
John Ashbery Two Poems 258
Turner Cassity Berolina Demodee A Poem 259
Edward Hirsch Dusk: Elegy for the Dark Sun A Poem 260
Douglas Crase To the Light Fantastic A Poem 261
Stephen Yenser Ember Week, Reseda A Poem 262
Richard Howard Attic Red-Figure Calix, Revelling in Progress,
Circa 510 b.c. A Poem 263
Tony Tanner Seasoned Criticism 267
Georgia A. Brown Recent Fiction 273
Keith Stewart Thomson "Through the Spectacles of an Hypothesis" 283
Karsten Harries Insight and Madness 289
Cynthia Fuchs Epstein Perspectives on Power 295
Mary Ellmann Katherine Mansfield: Writer, Woman, Patient 300
Alfred Corn Romanticism as Lucifer? 304
Fred A. Bloom On "Shrinking" History 311
Harold J. Morowitz Sweet Voice of Reason 315
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 317

VOLUME LXX, NO. 3 (April 1981)

Erik H. Erikson The Galilean Sayings and the Sense of "I" 321
Marina Tsvetaeva The Devil 363
Mary Price The Snapshot 371
J. Mitchell Morse Frogs, Dogs, Apes, Artists, Scientists, and Moralists 384
Jack Matthews The Tree Beyond A Story 397
John Hollander Two Poems 406
Jonathan Aaron Auras A Poem 408
Langdon Hammer Chenega Island A Poem 409
Frederick Morgan Two Poems 410
Brian Swann The Sky A Poem 412
Daryl Hine Rigor Mortis, Rigor Amoris A Poem 413
Lorrie Goldensohn Three Poems 413
Alvin Kernan Well Well Never Again 416
Alexander Welsh Lives of Hawthorne 421
Nelson W. Polsby New Warts on Old Portraits 431
Maury Yeston Whose Land? 442
R. W. B. Lewis Travel and the Modernist Temper 446
Elting Morison The Effects of War 452
Joseph Parisi Half-Lives and Highlights 456
Michael E. Lamb Grief and Mourning in Children and Adults 463
Arthur Walworth The Old Diplomacy 467
Adam Yarmolinsky The Informer's Tale 471
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 474
Reader's Guide
Elizabeth Gillette Jackson Invention and Tradition viii

VOLUME LXX, NO. 4 (July 1981)

Terrence Des Pres Into the Mire: The Case of Bertolt Brecht 481
Leon Lipson Stalin's Style 500
S. Y. Agnon Three Stories 506
Edith Milton Coming Over A Story 523
Stephen Berg Black A Poem 543
Louise Gluck Mock Orange A Poem 547
Charles Wright Montana Out-Takes A Poem 548
Robert Penn Warren: Poet and Critic
Robert Penn Warren Blessèd Accident A Poem 549
Cleanth Brooks Episode and Anecdote in the Poetry of Robert Penn Warren 551
R. W. B. Lewis Warren's Long Visit to American Literature 568
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Frederick Douglass and the Language of the Self 592
Patricia Meyer Spacks A Private Life 611
Richard Howard The Good Gray Poet and the Ancient Sage 616
Wendell Berry Harry Caudill in the Cumberlands 621
Derek Traversi Paved (Sometimes) with Good Intentions 626
Janet Todd Reconstructing Aphra Behn 631
B. H. Haggin New Records in Review 637
Reader's Guide
Harold J. Morowitz Laws of the Game viii
Nelson W. Polsby Walter Lippmann and the American Century x
Alfred Corn The Men's Club xiv
Stephen F. Frazzini Eyewitness Testimony xviii