VOLUME LXVII (1977-1978)

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VOLUME LXVII, NO. 1 (Ocobter 1977)

World Affairs: A More Cheerful Perspective Bayless Manning 1
For Girls: From "Birches" to "Wild Grapes" Helen Bacon 13
"An Exemplar to Her Sex": Richardson's Clarissa Rachel Mayer Brownstein 30
Place and Plot in Shakespeare Alvin Kernan 48
Zoysia Grass. A Story Eleanor Clark 57
Two Poems Jay Meek 65
Two Poems Thomas Johnson 68
The Wing and the Talon. Verse Edward Locke 69
Variations on a Line. Verse J. D. McClatchy 70
Ninth Life. Verse Deborah Tall 71
New Books in Review:
Recent Poetry: Ten Poets Helen Vendler 72
The Idea of Reform A. Dwight Culler 90
H I J K L M N Fred C. Robinson 94
Soliloquy in a Chaucerian Cloister; or, Philippa Parses E. T. Donaldson 100
Signs and Images: Old Models into New Lowry Nelson, Jr. 106
The Knotty Problems of Correggio's Art Edmund P. Pillsbury 115
The American Sublime Vincent Miller 121
Spenser: Root of the Visionary Line A. Bartlett Giamatti 124
Five Lives Mary Ellmann 128
Common Sense and Wit in Historiography Donald Kagan 135
Affairs of Honor Alexander Welsh 139
Roots as Placebo Michael G. Cooke 144
Genius Loci Morton Lustig 147
Studies of Women Helene Moglen 150
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 157
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VOLUME LXVII, NO. 2 (December 1977)

The Tolstoyans Alexandra Tolstoy 161
Naming, Being, and Black Experience Michael G. Cooke 167
Whitman's Democratic Vistas and the New "Ethnicity" Louise M. Rosenblatt 187
Who Is Who, and When Will We Be Real? A Story Jack Matthews 205
The Triple Vision: Dostoevsky's "The Peasant Marey" Robert Louis Jackson 225
The Great Martin Luther Spoof, or, Philological Limits to Knowledge H. G. Haile 236
Shimoda: The Lava Shores. Verse Laurence Lieberman 247
Risings. Verse Starry Schor 249
New Books in Review:
A Universe of Meanings Thomas M. Greene 251
Metaphor and Metonymy Martin Price 254
Seven Recent Novels Edith Milton 260
Psychohistory of Edmund Burke Frank Brady 271
Trollope's Greatness J. Hillis Miller 276
A New Interpretation of Meister Eckhart Louis Dupré 280
The Decline Before the Fall J. F. Gilliam 283
The Period of Cold War Thomas L. Pangle 289
The Shift into Inwardness Donald Evans 292
The Beginnings of Agriculture Peter Dorner 296
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 302
Letters and Comment: Do Cats Eat Bats? Patricia Meyer Spacks 307
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VOLUME LXVII, NO. 3 (March 1978)

Eurocommunism Roy C. Macridis 321
P. T. Barnum: Games and Hoaxing John Dizikes 338
Mothers and Fathers in Blake's Songs of Innocence Michele Leiss Stepto 357
The Death of the Kenyan Review. A Story Rae Jolene Smith 371
Freud, Orwell, and the Bourgeois Interior David Kubal 389
Inside Narcissus Richard Stern 404
Two Poems Robert Penn Warren 418
Aeneas to His Father. Verse Saul Benjamin 420
Two Poems Charles Frey 421
Messages. Verse Mary Oliver 423
New Books in Review:
In Praise of Learning Max Byrd 424
Lives of the Poets J. D. McClatchy 431
Late and Later Romantics Dewey R. Faulkner 440
The Physiologist-Humanist Tradition Paul Colinvaux 447
Poetry: The Personal Vision Grace Schulman 451
Unofficial Soviet Art Elizabeth Gillette Jackson 454
Parodic Parallels of Parabolic Plants Lowry Nelson, Jr. 453
Allen Tate as Precursor Richard Howard 462
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 465
Letters and Comment: Possum Pastoral Edward Mendelson 470
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VOLUME LXVII, NO. 4 (June 1978)

Strategic Decision Making: Vietnam, 1965-1968 Harvey A. DeWeerd 481
Pope: The Shape of the Man in His Work Maynard Mack 493
More, Role-Playing, and Utopia Stephen J. Greenblatt 517
Give Brother My Best. A Story Rebecca Kavaler 537
Pynchon as Satirist: To Write, To Mean Alfred Mac Adam 555
The Five Elemental Voices. Verse James Merrill 567
Two Poems E. M. Schorb 571
New Books in Review:
Most of Us, Johnson, and Others Lawrence Lipking 572
A Web of Words Fred C. Robinson 578
Sidgwick, A Subtle Reasoner Brand Blanshard 585
The Middle Way and the Middle Class Charles Feidelson 589
Seven Recent Novels Mary Ellmann 592
Abortion, Birth Control, and American Public Policy Nancy F. Colt 600
A Pure and Complex Writer Michael G. Cooke 605
Another Auden Frank Kermode 609
An Anglo-Irish Novelist Alfred Com 615
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 622
Letters and Comment: Yale: Reflections on Class in New Haven Lynda M. demon 627
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