VOLUME LXVI (1976-1977)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]

VOLUME LXVI, NO. 1 (October 1976)

China's Oil Policy King C. Chen 1
The Madness of Ahab Henry Nash Smith 14
A Law Professor's Brief Robert Emmet Clark 33
Escape from Konigsberg John J. Beatty 55
Milton on Heroic Warfare James A. Winn 70
On the Edge of the Glacier. A Story Margaret Lamb 87
Two Poems Lois Lindblad 98
Two Poems Rosanna Warren 99
Eurydice. Verse Michael G. Cooke 101
Two Poems Alfred Corn 102
New Books in Review:
Aryanism in Victorian England G. L. Mersey 104
Recent Poetry: Mending Broken Connections Louis L. Martz 114
Response to Words Fred C. Robinson 129
Byron: The Growth/Decay of a Poet's Mind Dewey R. Faulkner 133
Community Alexander Welsh 137
Trumbull: Politics and Pictures Jules David Prown 143
Recent Novels: Women Bearing Violence Michael G. Cooke 146
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 156
Reader's Guide VI
Contributors vi-xv

VOLUME LXVI, NO. 2 (December 1976)

The Unlearned Lessons of Vietnam Jeffrey Race 161
The Literary Theory of William K. Wimsatt Rene Wellek 178
Pound's Battle with Time Vincent Miller 193
Courage and Convention: The Red Badge of Courage Paul Breslin 209
The Walt Disney Robot Dramas James H. Bierman 223
Freedom and Authority William M. Dobriner 237
An Opium War. A Story Clifford Ashcom 252
Two Poems Willis Barnstone 267
Three People Reading Stevens in a Room. Verse George Bradley 268
New Books in Review:
Extending the Boundaries of Art History David Piper 269
Doctrine and Design Martin Price 272
Hawthorne and Melville David Levin 277
History and Victorian Photography Alan Trachtenberg 282
Responsibility and Freedom: John Berryman John Haffenden 296
Another Companion: German Jeffrey L. Sammons 299
Musicians in the Nineteenth Century George Martin 302
Universes of Drama Paula Johnson 306
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 312
Letters and Comment: Exiles Pat M. Can 316
Contributors vi
Reader's Guide vi-xix

VOLUME LXVI, NO. 3 (March 1977)

Psychotherapy and Moral Culture: A Psychiatrist's Field Report Fred A. Bloom 321
The Picture of Success Nicolaus Mills 347
Dostoyevsky and the Grand Inquisitor: A Study in Atheism Stewart R. Sutherland 364
Power to the Eloquent James Hitchcock 374
Nobody's Special When They're Poor Thomas J. Cattle 388
Man's Nature. Verse A. R. Ammons 399
Big Sky, Switzerland. Verse Bruce Cutler 399
Two Poems Richard Kenney 400
Early Invitations. Verse Stephen Graves 401
The Waves. Verse Marie Borroff 403
Two Poems Brian Swann 404
Huckleberry Bald. Verse Robert Morgan 405
Nearing Palenque. Verse Tom Jones 406
New Books in Review:
Recent Poetry: Eight Poets Helen Vendler 407
The Teaching of Battle Frederick A. Pottle 424
Life Masks Patricia Meyer Spacks 432
Chasing the Detective Max Byrd 444
Romantic Bypaths Dewey R. Faulkner 449
The Blandishments of Boredom Lowry Nelson, Jr. 453
We Found It in the Movies Jacques Guicharnaud 457
Changing Criticism Mark Rose 462
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 467
Letters and Comment: Spaced Out West Stanley Pass 472
Contributors v
Reader's Guide v-xiii

VOLUME LXVI, NO. 4 (June 1977)

Strangers Irving Howe 481
Achieving the Impossible: Thomas Mann Henry Hatfield 501
Coming of Age in Shakespeare Marjorie Garber 517
Famine Country. A Story Joyce Carol Oates 534
A Chaucerian Crux William Frost 551
An Argument for Milton's Dalila Joyce Colony 562
Declaration, July 4. Verse Alfred Corn 576
New Books in Review:
David M. Potter Edmund S. Morgan 580
Ordinary Evenings, Unlikely Origins Harold Bloom 581
Recent Novels: Realism Redux David Thorburn 584
Interpretations of Literature Jonathan Culler 592
Ezra Pound Vincent Miller 598
Virginia Woolf Gordon S. Haight 603
Clausewitz Michael Mandelbaum 613
Two Decades Nicolaus Mills 620
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 623
Letters and Comment: Growing Up with a Past Howard A. Wilson 628
Contributors v
Reader's Guide v-xxiii