VOLUME LXIX (1979-1980)

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VOLUME LXIX, NO. 1 (October 1979)

A Tribute Cleanth Brooks ii
Congress and President: The Balance Wheels of American Foreign Policy Alton Frye 1
Rossetti's "Jenny": A Realist Altarpiece G. L. Hersey 17
The Idea of Historical Progress in Marx and Marxism Louis Dupre 33
Shelley, Scrope Davies, and Shelley's Lost 1816 Notebook Dewey R. Faulkner 44
Ancient Imagination and Seismic Disruption Michael N. Shute 55
Herman Melville: State, Civil Society, and the American 1848 Michael Rogin 72
New Books in Review: Looking Backward: Six Novels Edith Milton 89
Scenery and Society Martin Price 103
C. L. Dodgson, Lewis Carroll, and Letters to Little Girls A. Dwight Culler 108
Women of Letters: Virginia Woolf and Mary Wollstonecraft Gordon S. Haight 112
Biography Frank Brady 118
"And That's True Too": New Criticism of Shakespeare Alvin B. Kernan 124
Solar and Poetic Energies Lowry Nelson, Jr. 128
The Pleasures of Exile Dewey R. Faulkner 132
Homo Sapiens L. L. Larison Cudmore 135
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 139
Letters and Comment: My World with Louis Armstrong Charles L. Black, Jr. 145
Roosevelt High School Class of 1942 Wendell Bell 151
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VOLUME LXIX, NO. 2 (December 1979)

Freedom of Expression, The Strange Imperative Glenn Tinder 161
The Sense of Punctuation Alan Helms 177
Constable and the Art of Looking Ronald Hayman 197
Casting the Self: Keats and Lamia Donald Pearce 212
Tact, or Hamlet's Bastards Michael L. Magie 234
Two Poems Michael G. Cooke 256
Two Poems Peter Fellowes 258
Two Poems James K. Bouien 259
Masks. Verse Brian Swann 261
New Books in Review: Phantom Defenders Leon Lipson 263
New Questions Patricia Meyer Spacks 266
Epimenides at the Computer Ignatius G, Mattingly 270
On Worldmaking Richard Rorty 276
American Literature Revisited Laurence B. Holland 279
Byron: The Pisan Letters Dewey R. Faulkner 285
Recent Criticism: Traditions of Individual Talent J. D. McClatchy 288
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 297
Letters and Comment: Prospect and Retrospect Rene Wellek 301
Erich Auerbach: Memoir of a Scholar Lowry Nelson, Jr. 312
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VOLUME LXIX, NO. 3 (March 1980)

Knowledge, Patience, and Faust D. Z. Phillips 321
A Chancy Business, This Constitution Richard Thomas Tench 342
Landscape of Relationships: The Vision of Cezanne Ronald Hayman 357
Ibsen's Doll House: A Myth for Our Time Elaine Hoffman Baruch 374
Lela. A Story Wendell Carl Murray 388
E. M. Forster's Second War Donald Watt 401
Attitudes to Modern Architecture in Post-Modern Criticism Michael Hollander 411
The Achievement of Edmund Spenser C. A. Patrides 427
Elegy Spoken to a Tree. Verse Dennis Hinrichsen 444
Leaving a Cocktail Party. Verse James Cole 445
New Books in Review: Dimensions of the "Energy Crisis" Leroy C. Gould 446
A Life of Letters Richard H. Brodhead 451
Clifford's Johnson Frederick A. Pottle 456
Russian Encounters Alfred Corn 459
Heroes, Purposes, and Villains Richard Howard 466
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 469
Letters and Comment: Saint Gerard Manley Hopkins? Norman White 473
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VOLUME LXIX, NO. 4 (June 1980)

The Task of Hamlet Alexander Welsh 481
Irony, Inference, and Critical Uncertainty Fredric V. Bogel 503
The Pact with the Devil Harold Fisch 520
Faces Berel Lang 533
Identification and Its Vicissitudes: The Narrative Structure of Ezra Pound's Cantos Michael Andre Bernstein 540
The Progress of Peace. Verse Alfred Corn 557
The Phantom Helen. Verse Martha Bacon 558
New Books in Review: Taking It As Read Terence Hawkes 560
Reason and the Moral Imagination John Hollander 577
First Families Lewis A. Coser 583
Women Artists Mary Price 588
Jean Rhys in Fact and Fiction Phyllis Rose 596
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 602
Letters and Comment: The Journey Sylvia Saidlower Schonfeld 607
Trial Lecture Joyce King 621
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