VOLUME LXIV (1974-1975)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]

VOLUME LXIV, NO. 1 (October 1974)

The United States and Latin America: Premises for the New Administration Jerome Slater 1
Romantic Antipastoral and Urban Allegories Peter Brooks 11
The Function of Plato's Scenes Christopher Gill 27
India and America Amrit Baruah 44
Seeing a Guru Paul R. Fleischman 61
The Detective Detected: From Sophocles to Ross MacDonald Max Byrd 72
The Hive. Verse Bink Noll 84
A Number of Rooms. Verse Philip Booth 85
Horowitz among the Lemon Trees. Verse Nicholas Rinaldi 87
New Books in Review:
Of Lord B. and Mr. S. Dewey R. Faulkner 88
Mens Insana in Corpore Insano Lowry Nelson, Jr. 93
The Great Austrian Baroque Architect Karsten Harries 102
Engels in Manchester Coral Lansbury 106
The White Flag of the Bourbons John E. Talbott 110
Strange Creatures in a Nasty World Frederick W. Hilles 113
Ordeal of a Loser David Levin 118
Science Fiction Mark Rose 122
The Limits of the Possible Douglas Knight 128
The Condition of Life Martin Lebowitz 132
Science in Review: Why the Sea Is Blue Paul Colinvaux 135
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 142
Letters and Comment: Indian Shangri-la Beatrice Witter Donovan 147
Reader's Guide viii-xix
Contributors xix

VOLUME LXIV, NO. 2 (December 1974)

Still Living: Belfast, 1974 Patrick Grant 161
Chaplin: Charles and Charlie Michael Roemer 168
Dickens, Godard, and the Film Today Graham Petrie 185
Visconti and Renoir: Shadowplay Epi Wiese 202
On Akira Kurosawa Barbara Wolf 218
The National Institute of Education Chester E. Finn, Jr. 227
Carpet. A Story Robert L. Chibka 244
Three Poems David Slavitt 249
The Generation Before. Verse Robert Pinsky 252
The Horses. Verse F. D. Reeve 253
New Books in Review:
Urban Design Laurence B. Holland 255
Committing Critical Choices Leo Brandy 260
Flaubert, Eliot, and Others Gordon S. Haight 266
Starry Wheels and Living Forms Dewey R. Faulkner 271
William Morris Glass G. L. Mersey 275
Graphic Satire Frederick W. Hilles 279
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 282
Science in Review: The Nation States of Trees Paul Colinvaux 286
Letters and Comment: Was Socrates as Reasonable as Professor Vlastos? J. Dybikowski 293
Signs of the Times: Semiotics 1974 Lowry Nelson, Jr. 296
Reader's Guide vi-xviii
Contributors xix

VOLUME LXIV, NO. 3 (March 1975)

Reflections on Kwame Nkrumah Theodore H. Von Laue 321
The Mistake of Aeneas George E, Dimock, Jr. 334
An Ecologist's View of History Paul Colinvaux 357
Shakespeare's King and Beggar Stephen J. Brown 370
The Acceleration of Prehistory in East Africa Sydney L. W. Mellen 396
Brazil: Highways and Rainforests Henry S. Kernan 408
The Fly. Verse Brian Swann 413
New Books in Review:
Two Russian Leaders Michael Mandelbaum 414
The Morality of Style Geoffrey Hartman 418
Recent Poetry: Inventions and Obsessions J. D. McClatchy 422
Our Sacred Texts, and Why Alvin B. Kernan 432
Mill's Liberty J. E. Seigel 437
The President's Mind Arthur Walworth 443
Formlessness Alexander Welsh 450
Agrarianism: "A Very Great Success" Cleanth Brooks 455
A Critical American Stephen J. Whitfield 459
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 463
Letters and Comment:
Faulkner and the Horses Guido Lopez 468
On "The National Institute of Education" Chester E. Finn, Jr. 477
Reader's Guide vi-xv
Contributors xv

VOLUME LXIV, NO. 4 (June 1975)

Republicans, Democrats, and Public Policy Competence Nicholas O. Berry 481
Brutus Is an Honorable Man Alexander Welsh 496
Vis Mea Lex: Social Crisis and Political Discourse Carl A. Rubino 514
Narcissism and Social Disorder Simon Sobo 527
Three Poems, translated by Ben Belitt Manuel Durán 544
Three Poems Barry Goldensohn 546
October Spring. Verse Philip Appleman 548
Two Poems Robert Morgan 549
Two Poems Anne Hussey 551
A Cure for Death. Story Elizabeth Graham Monk 553
New Books in Review:
The New Homer C. J. Herington 568
Mishima Edwin McClellan 579
New Novels: In the Dumps Patricia Meyer Spacks 583
Letters of a Master Richard Howard 594
Old Wine in New Bottles Frederick W. Hilles 597
The Frontier of Criticism Jonathan Culler 606
The Renaissance George Martin 612
Emily Dickinson Mary Ellmann 616
Mad in Pursuit Leo Brandy 620
Collector's Luck Lawrence Lipking 626
Multinational Corporations Richard S. Weinert 630
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 635
Reader's Guide vi-xi
Contributors xi