VOLUME LX (1970-1971)

[Reviews are entered under the author of the book reviewed and under the reviewer.]

VOLUME LX, NO.1 (October 1970)

The Irrelevance of American Politics Allan C. Brownfeld 1
"That Kind of a Liberal": Franklin D. Roosevelt after Twenty-five Years John Morton Blum 14
Benjamin Britten: Twenty-five Years of Opera George Martin 24
International Relations and the Spirit of Tragedy Arthur N. Gilbert 45
Development Assistance to Latin America Richard S. Aldrich 53
The Bush. A Story Helen Ranch 63
Realism in the Novel David Goldknopf 69
Survival in the Zaharah Desart. Verse Nathan Lyons 85
Alessandro Magnasco, "A Garden Party at Albano" (After 1735).Verse Thomas Hoffman 87
Noah's Dove. Verse Calvin Forbes 88
Begin, Again. Verse Arthur Oberg 89
New Books in Review: A Sabine Farm Near Kirchstetten Monroe K. Spears 90
New Fiction in Review Paul Edward Gray 101
Interpreting Myths Jonathan Culler 108
The Force of Myth Pat Watters 114
The Japanese Intellectual's Cul-de-Sac Roy Andrew Miller 117
Hardy in Two Centuries Lionel Stevenson 126
Present Mirth, Present Laughter-Theory Terence Hawkes 130
A Conjunction of Critics Emerson R. Marks 135
Aubrey Menen's Interior World Margaret Wimsatt 138
Science in Review: On Becoming and Being Arthur W. Galston 142
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 149
Letters and Comment: The Un-Angry Langston Hughes Francis E. Kearns 154
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VOLUME LX, NO. 2 (December 1970)

Revolution in the University James Hitchcock 161
The Student Revolt Carl Landauer 175
American Student Politics Steven Warnecke 185
Crime and Punishment in the Odyssey George Dimock 199
Wallace Stevens in the Tropics: A Conservative Protest Jan Pinkerton 215
Pirandello Old and New Robert S. Lopez 228
Memory's Defense: The Real Life of Vladimir Nabokov's Berlin Robert C. Williams 241
Two Eclogues of Virgil. Verse translation David R. Slavitt 251
Two Poems Po Fei Huang 254
Synopsis. Verse D. F. Petteys 255
Two Poems Katherine Hoskins 256
Invocation, An Elegy. Verse Jerald Bullis 257
New Books in Review: Self-Portrait of the Great Orientalist Frederick W. Hilles 259
Words for the Music George Martin 267
A New Edition of Pepys Frank Brady 269
A Russian in Exile Victor Erlich 274
Recent Poetry Marie Borroff 277
The Technetronic Revolution Henry L. Roberts 287
Ideas of Ordering Lowry Nelson, Jr. 289
The Victorians Our Forebears Michael Cooke 294
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 301
Letters and Comment: The Furor Teutonicus: Upper Mississippi Abteilung Georg Mann 306
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VOLUME LX, NO. 3 (March 1971)

The Sources of United States Policy in the Third World Tom J. Farer 321
New Directions for Our Latin American Policy Martin C. Needier 333
Cuba's "Second Vietnam": Bolivia Martin D. Gensler 342
The Boyg and the Sphinx in Ibsen's Theatre Brian Johnston 366
Ruera Street. An excerpt from the novel, Belarmino and Apolonio,
translated from the Spanish by Murray Baumgarten and Gabriel Berns Ramon Pérez de Ayala 383
Joshua's Poem. Verse Stephen Sandy 390
Another Poem on the Nature of Dreams and Passions. Verse Daniel Mark Fogel 390
The Line-Up. Verse Joan Swift 391
Louise Leaning Over the Water. Verse Thomas McNamee 392
One of the Old Ones. Verse Robert Stock 393
New Books in Review: Yeats Kenneth Connelly 394
Recent Poetry: Visions and Revisions Louis L. Martz 403
The View from the Stiles-Morse Dining Halls Daniel Yergin 417
Hogarth Martin Price 425
Some Recent Novels: Connoisseurs of Chaos David J. Gordon 428
Essays on Chaucer Morton W. Bloomfield 438
To Resist Imprisonment Nicolaus C. Mills 440
Embodied Ecstasy Lowry Nelson, Jr. 444
Examination of Slavery V. Jacque Voegeli 449
Frick Sculpture David Piper 453
Shakespeare Charles Tyler Prouty 456
Science in Review: On the Use and Misuse of Science Arthur W. Galston 458
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 463
Letters and Comment: From Madras, A View of the Southern Film Susanne Hoeber Rudolph 468
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VOLUME LX, NO. 4 (June 1971)

Creativity, Poetic Language, and the Computer Marie Borroff 481
Consciousness-Makers and the Autonomy of Consciousness Edward Pols 514
Benjamin, Edgar, Humbert, and Jay Martha Banta 532
Dante and Virgil Rocco Montana 550
Three Poems Laurence Lieberman 562
There's So Much and You're Missing Most of It. Verse Jeannette Nichols 568
New Books in Review: Tom Carlyle and His Mocking Bonny Jane Frederick W. Hilles 569
Japan Roy Andrew Miller 576
Homer George Dimock 585
Women Mary Ellmann 590
Rome Richard Krautheimer 593
Nostalgia for FDR John M. Blum 598
Catalogue of an Aborted Exhibition: Ancient Art in Cairo Richard A. Fazzini 600
Games People Don't Play Erich Segal 605
A Rural Life Style Nicolaus Mills 609
Dante Translations Thomas G. Bergin 614
Genius and Genius Loci Richard Harter Fogle 618
New Records in Review B. H. Haggin 620
Letters and Comment: The Middling Ages: Notes on Some American Film Directors Stanley Kauffmann 626
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