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How we happen

Unity Principles

*We condemn and mourn the tragedy of September 11th.
*We are affirm the use of nonviolence and oppose revenge, which will only lead to the loss of more innocent lives.
*We commit to support all peoples, religions, and races, and we will confront racism within ourselves and others.
*We affirm our commitment to a thorough and peaceful justice acheived through lawful means.
*We demand that civil liberties and human rights be upheld for all people, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or national origin.
*We urge a consideration of underlying political and economic causes, including an examination of past US actions and foreign policy.

Meeting and Group Process

The Yale Coalition for Peace is a non-hierarchical collection of people and groups who support the Unity Principles.

That means there are no leaders, so decision-making and responsibility are collective. Each meeting is facilitated by a different person. There is no definition of a 'member' or 'non-member'. Anyone who agrees to the Unity Principles and attends an event or meeting is urged to participate.

Working groups

There are a number of working groups (see their meeting schedules). Working groups meet separately from the main weekly meeting; they exist in order to focus on a specific activity or issue. Each working group is coordinated by a bottom-liner, who is not a leader or boss. A bottom-liner's function is to keep track of the responsibilities and timetables agreed upon at working group meetings, and to coordinate efforts within the group. When things don't go according to plan, the bottom-liner should help those involved to try to find a solution.

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