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Information, Details, and Events


Hartford 18

Legal Defense

The legal defense fund needs your help. Donations can be given directly to jon or sent to:

make your checks out to the The Free Speech Legal Defense Fund, please
Free Speech Legal Defense Fund
13 Farview Avenue
Danbury, CT 06810

This is a non-profit fund. For details and questions, get in touch with Ernie Wells; 203-744-0763; ernie@madhattersimc.org


There will be a screening of the video shot by one of the arrestees (up to and continuing past his arrest for documenting police brutality). We'll let you know when we've got it.

Events and Meetings:

Open meeting

Thursday, 8:30pm, Asian American Cultural Center, 295 Crown St.

The meeting is open to the community; all are invited (but we do ask that journalists, people attending as representatives of unaffiliated organizations, and members of the law enforcement community identify themselves before the start of the meeting).

Working groups

Hartford 18 support:

Working group contacts.

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