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Maximize Your Experience

CIPE's Terms of Engagement with Students

To What End?:

  • To help the student develop and actively pursue a plan of action over time and across multiple experiences if possible.
  • To help students build positive relationships with others through mutual respect.
  • To help students understand the ways in which their experiences have contributed to meeting (or revising) their long-term goals and to their personal growth.
  • To help students articulate and communicate this knowledge effectively.

CIPE Offers...

  • The opportunity to discuss the student's plan of action with an advisor who will guide critical reflection, goal-oriented activity, and thoughtful program selection.
  • Opportunities for experiences away from campus that offer quality, safety, and strong potential for meeting goals (the student's and Yale's).
  • Support throughout the application process, after selection, during the experience, and upon return.
  • One courtesy reminder to complete requirements.
  • A culture of mutual respect for student and staff time.

Students Are Expected to...

  • Be active participants in their own development by utilizing CIPE's resources (on-line tools, advising, peers, funding, etc.) to maximal and intentional benefit.
  • Rely directly on CIPE for CIPE-related information.
  • Be able to conceptualize and express how their plans connect to their own short- and long-term development.
  • Engage with faculty, the Dean, and family members in a timely manner about plans for activity away from Yale.
  • Act as positive ambassadors for Yale College in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Respect peer and staff time by meeting deadlines, keeping appointments, and completing any requirements associated with the experience.
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