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Congratulations to the 2011 Photo Contest Winners!


First Place

First Place
Griffin Collier
Timothy Dwight 2013
Mary Hotchkiss Williams Travel Fellowship for the Visual Arts
Kye Village, India

Suddenly distracted, young Stanzin looks up from his grandfather's lesson and down the Baralacha valley towards the roadwork that will soon change his life and his family's life forever. Only miles away, the bulldozers of the new motorway continue to crawl a little closer each day. For now though, daily life in the Himalayas carries on as it always has. Still three days by horse from the nearest motorable road, the small Buddhist village of Kye remains nestled deep in its century-old traditions. With the men of the household out tending to the livestock, an elder sits tutoring his grandchildren as the mother makes preparations for dinner. Yet, the sun is not quite as warm today. The sky is gray. The road is coming.


Second Place

Second Place
Anya van Wagtendonk
Timothy Dwight 2012
Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul straddles two continents, with the Bosphorous River separating Europe from Asia. In a city with a river at its heart, a ferry ride can often get you where you need to be - whether it's down the road or in another continent - faster than any bus. Late one afternoon, contentedly dozing on the top deck of a homeward-bound ferry, I was awoken by song. Peering over the rail, I saw these women singing joyfully to the sea, the long ends of their burqas whipping in the wind. Istanbul, the cliche goes, is where "East meets West," and women like these, dressed as they were in traditional Islamic garb, are often at the center of this tension. Living in Turkey allowed me to consider these women in a way I never could have from within a classroom or through the newspaper. For although I could not understand the words of their song, I, too, knew the bliss of a ferry ride at sunset.


Third Place  

Tied for Third Place
Amanda Chang
Morse 2013
Sunrise Foundation Travel Grant
Livingstone, Zambia

Alfred, age eleven, is a member of the Grade 6 class at Nakatindi Community School in Livingstone, Zambia. Only a week after learning the definition of the words "creativity" and "magic" in class, Alfred brings the "Magic Dog" to school to show me. The Magic Dog consists of a wire frame stuffed with newspaper and covered with papier-mâché-a mixture of flour, paper, and water. His peers and I watch in silence as he works on completing his project. I was able to teach Alfred the definition of creativity, but here he teaches me how to truly "get creative" with very few resources.


Second Place

Tied for Third Place
Yong Min Cho
Pierson 2013
Wendy Blanning Fellowship
Bayan-Olgii Province, Mongolia

It takes a brutal 76-hour car ride from Ulaanbaatar - the capital city of Mongolia - to get to Bayan Nuur. Located in the Altais at the western tip of Mongolia, the region has predominant ethnic Kazakh populations and boasts Islamic cultural ambience that distinguishes itself from rest of the country. The very human qualities of hospitality and friendship, however, remain common. Nomads milk animals twice a day during the summer. Whereas only women are allowed to perform the actual job of milking, the whole process, from chasing milk-filled ewes and does to locking their heads in a single file line, involves the whole community. As a boy sits on the back of a sheep and waits for his mother to finish the job, there is a lesson to be learned about the value of international experience: the experience of human diversity, but remembrance within it of heartwarming commonalities that underlies us all, love and care. That love and care, to be melted homogeneously in the hot, fresh cup of milk... and shared with friends and neighbors.


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