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Travel Restrictions

Travel to Uganda

Because of the implications for the safety of students resulting from the nature of anti-homosexual legislation signed by the President of Uganda on February 24, Yale College has suspended all sponsorship, credit and funding for activities in Uganda in the summer of 2014.

For Yale College students who planned to travel to Uganda in summer 2014, please contact your program or fellowship administrator to research alternate destinations. If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact MYCIPE@yale.edu.

To read more about FrontierMEDEX’s assessment of the current situation in Uganda, please visit the World Watch (Uganda) section of the FrontierMEDEX website.

Travel to Iran

Given the current state of relations between the United States and Iran, the incarceration in Iran of both foreigners and Iranian residents, and the recent protests and incidents of violence, Yale College students should not travel to Iran at this time. Please contact the Center for International and Professional Experience at for additional information.

Students should monitor the State Department and MEDEX Web sites for up-to-date information about countries where travel for Yale undergraduates may be restricted.

Note that Yale will not fund, award credit for, or otherwise sponsor or support any international undergraduate academic or extracurricular project in any country for which:

  1. the U.S. State Department has issued a warning that orders departure of U.S. dependents and non-emergency personnel; recommends that U.S. citizens depart the country; advises U.S. citizens against all travel to the country; or recommends that U.S. citizens defer non-essential travel to the country,

  2. the travel assistance organization MEDEX has rated the country a "5" (very high) level threat.

No exceptions to this policy will be made.

Click here to read the Yale University Travel Policy in full.


Yale Affiliates Conducting Academic Work in Cuba

Some groups and individuals are eligible to travel to Cuba if they qualify to use an OFAC license. To qualify the travel to Cuba must be exclusively for academic work or planning academic events. For details on eligibility, please visit the Yale University Office of the Vice President and General Counsel website.