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Individual Travel Guidelines

Defining Yale Sponsorship

Yale sponsorship is defined as one of the three following situations:

  • The trip is organized on behalf of a registered Yale organization, including but not limited to: student organizations, religious groups, sport clubs, varsity athletic teams, civic engagement organizations, residential colleges, or academic or administrative departments.
  • Funds are contributed from a University account, or money is held and disbursed through a University account (i.e. fellowships, grants, International Summer Award, etc.).
  • The trip is organized by a University faculty or staff member.

Individual Travelers with Yale Sponsorship

Students should discuss their plans with an adviser or Yale program administrator. Students traveling abroad independently for study or research and who are not receiving any financial or administrative support from Yale can create a MyCIPE profile, where they will have access to helpful pre-departure information.

Questions pertaining to travel preparation and logistics can be addressed to:

    Katie Bell, Coordinator
    Yale College, Center for International and Professional Experience
    55 Whitney Avenue, Room 303
    (203) 432-8761


Any students traveling abroad are encouraged to make connections with alumni living internationally.


For information about communicating with alumni living abroad, please contact:


George Joseph
Office of International Affairs