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What can you do to help?

Take Yale's Sustainability Pledge

Make a commitment to sustainability on campus, and continue it while abroad! By taking the Sustainability Pledge, you will join a growing number of Yale staff, faculty, and students who are taking personal actions to reduce our collective environmental impact. While a commitment to make as few as three personal changes may seem insignificant, the combined efforts of Yale's 21,000 community members will make a difference!

Join the Green Passport Program

Become an agent for change at home and abroad. Green Passport holders respect the interconnectedness of the world's people and environment and are taking actions to reduce their ecological and socio-cultural footprint when they study and travel abroad. Find out more about the Green Passport Program, sign up for the Green Passport, and meet other Green Passport holders!

What else can you do?

Measure your carbon footprint

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Reduce your energy consumption and live a sustainable life, both at home and abroad.


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