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Earning Yale Credit

General Graduation Credit

You will receive a full semester (4) or full year's (9) worth of general credit as long as you take a full course load of approved courses and earn the equivalent of a C- or greater.

Please note that credit will not be granted for any of the following:

Year or Term Abroad (YTA) 

Grades and GPA

Grades from abroad do not count toward your Yale GPA, nor are the grades from abroad listed on the Yale transcript. Please note, however, that YTA courses are not counted against your Cr/D/Fail allowance at Yale. Some departments may use grades earned through study abroad in their computations for Distinction in the Major. Check with your DUS.

Credit Towards Major & Distributional Requirements

In addition to applying your study abroad credit towards the thirty-six total you will need to graduate, you may, with appropriate permissions, apply these course credits toward fulfillment of distributional requirements or the requirements of your major.

Study abroad advisers have worked with academic departments to clarify study abroad credit considerations for each major. Specific information by academic department can be found here:

If you do not see your major listed here, please contact the department directly.

Phi Beta Kappa

Grades from YTA are not included in the GPA calculations used for election to Phi Beta Kappa - only grades from Yale courses are included in these calculations. From the Yale Phi Beta Kappa web site, "Students who take a junior [or second-semester sophomore] term or year abroad are not disadvantaged by the fact that only Yale grades, as described above, are used in calculations, since it is the percentage of As in all Yale courses a student has taken that is at issue."

Academic Regulations

A Year or Term Abroad is the equivalent of one or two terms of enrollment in Yale College. Studies abroad are, therefore, subject to the relevant academic regulations of Yale College. Students must earn a sufficient number of credits to remain* in academic good standing as defined in the Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS). Failure to do so will result in academic warning or dismissal for academic reasons. Withdrawal from a program abroad has the same consequences as withdrawal from Yale College. After returning from a Year or Term Abroad, students must enroll in Yale College for at least two terms. Students who have accelerated should speak with their residential college deans about the possible need to decelerate.

For further details, please see the YCPS section on the Year or Term Abroad Program.

Students that complete an independent study and/or research project as part of their approved study abroad program and who think they might use the project for further research at Yale (e.g. senior essay), should review the instructions outlined in the Human Subjects Review Guidebook - Guidance of Student Projects. While the study abroad program will likely review the HSR process, students may also have to complete Yale's review process to use a project completed abroad toward work here on campus.

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