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Application Process & Deadlines

Application Process

Applying for admission and credit for non-Yale Programs is a simultaneous two-step process:

  1. Year or Term Abroad Application for Credit:
    To apply to earn Yale credit for your participation in a designated non-Yale program, click here to access the Year or Term Abroad (YTA) application.
Year or Term Abroad (YTA) 
  1. Application for Admission into Program/University: You must apply directly to the university or program abroad you would like to attend. You can access the programs' applications directly from their websites. It is your responsibility to ensure all application materials are submitted to your desired program by the relevant deadline.

    Program Approval Forms: Many non-Yale study abroad program applications include a Program Approval Form. This form should be completed by the Yale study abroad office. You can:
    • Email your study abroad adviser the online form (if available)
    • Drop the paper form off at our office and we will email you when it is ready to be picked up
    • Schedule an appointment to meet with an adviser and we will complete the form during our meeting

Yale Programs and Affiliations

Please note that there is a different application process for Yale programs or special affiliations. The Year or Term Abroad application does not need to be submitted for these programs.  To access the applications for these programs, please click on the relevant link below:

Yale Programs
Yale in London

Yale Affiliations
Yale University-Balliol College, Oxford English Program

Yale University–Universita Bocconi Economics Exchange


Petition for Programs not on Yale's Designated List

The Study Abroad Office will consider petitions for a program not on Yale's designated list on a case-by-case basis. Students who wish to petition must:

  1. Schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Adviser.
    • You must meet with an adviser as early as possible. We strongly recommend that you schedule an appointment at least 3-4 weeks in advance of the application deadline.
    • During this appointment, be prepared to discuss the program in detail, your academic and personal goals related to the program, and why you feel that this program is better suited academically than other programs in that region, or that have a similar focus. Please bring detailed program materials with you to this meeting.
  2. Receive confirmation that the program is eligible for petition review.
    Please do not complete the steps below until you have met with a Study Abroad Adviser and have received this confirmation.
  3. Acquire faculty support.
    As part of the petition process, you must provide a Letter of Support from a relevant Yale faculty member. We cannot accept letters of support from non-faculty.
    • Schedule a meeting with a relevant faculty member to discuss the program. Be sure to schedule this meeting well in advance of the Year or Term Abroad Petition or Summer Abroad Petition deadline.
    • The faculty member must be someone who is willing to review the curriculum and to make a recommendation as to whether or not this program should be eligible for Yale credit. It is recommended that this faculty member have previous experience or familiarity with the program.
    • Bring detailed information about the program to your meeting. The faculty member should review the academic content of the program in light of your stated goals for your study abroad experience.
  4. Submit a Petition for a Program not on Yale's Designated List by the appropriate deadline.

The Study Abroad Committee will consider the following when reviewing a petition:


Yale YTA and Petition Deadlines Program/University Deadlines
Spring Term Abroad October 15th Deadlines vary and may be earlier or later than Yale's Year or Term Abroad deadlines. Check program websites for deadlines.
Fall Term and Full Year Abroad March 5th

Special note about Cambridge and Oxford:

Students interested in these programs for the academic year are advised to apply early! We recommend you submit your program applications in January for both the following Year and Spring Term abroad. YTA Applications are due by the dates listed above.

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