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Study Abroad Peer Advisers

The CIPE Study Abroad Peer Advisers are students who have already studied abroad during their time at Yale and want to help you navigate Yale's wide range of study abroad opportunities. While they can share their own experiences abroad, they have also been trained to give you an overview of all options. CIPE Study Abroad Peer Advisers:

  • Hold advising hours to provide you with an overview of opportunities, application processes and resources
  • Organize events to promote Yale's abundant study abroad opportunities
  • Connect you with other Yalies who have studied abroad
  • Hold walk-ins in the residential colleges in conjunction with the UCS Peer Advisers
Study Abroad

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Anna Blazejowskyj, CC '14, is a pre-medical student majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience. She spent the last semester abroad through the International Honors Program, studying Health, Culture, and Community in Chennai, India; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Cape Town, South Africa. She had an incredible experience learning from local experts in the field and being immersed in each of the cultures that she visited. She thinks that going abroad is an incredible opportunity and is looking forward to helping other Yalies travel the world.

Julian Chernyk, TD '15, is an Economics and Latin American Studies double major. Julian returned to Yale for his junior fall after spending his sophomore spring abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Julian first fell in love with Brazil on his gap year before Yale when he backpacked across South America for three months. After a year of Portuguese at Yale, he went to Brazil for 6 weeks with the Yale Summer Study Abroad. Still craving more time in Brazil, Julian returned in January and stayed through mid-July. He studied at the Pontifical Catholic University of Brazil in the mornings and had an internship in the afternoons. During his semester abroad Julian also travelled extensively throughout northern and southern Brazil.

McKenna Keyes, a TC '14 History major, is excited to be returning for her second year as a Study Abroad Peer Adviser! McKenna began working as a peer adviser in Fall 2012 after spending seven consecutive months abroad. During the spring semester 2012 she studied alongside Spanish students at the Universidad de Sevilla through the CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts program in Seville, Spain. In the summer of 2012, McKenna left Spain and traveled to Dubrovnik, Croatia to take a five-week Yale Summer Session course on the history and culture of southeastern Europe.

Austin Haynesworth, BR '14, is an Ecology & Evolutionary Biology major. Through the generosity of the Richard U. Light Fellowship, Austin had the opportunity to spend seven months abroad in China, studying Chinese language at the Beijing Language and Culture University and the Harbin Institute of Technology. Austin's favorite part of his study abroad experience was the "full-immersion" aspect of his programs, where he spoke only Chinese, lived with a Chinese roommate and had opportunities to really become in-tune with the intricacies of Chinese culture. Austin's study abroad experience was absolutely the highlight of his Yale career and he hopes to go back to China following graduation.

Sonja Peterson, DC '14, is an English major who spent the spring semester of her junior year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Highlights of her time abroad included learning to play the Scottish sport shinty, developing an unexpected love for medieval literature, exploring Scottish history while hiking in the Highlands, and climbing the highest mountain in Britain. She also spent the summer after her sophomore year in Paris studying the literature and culture of the Belle Epoque. She's excited to help other students take advantage of all the incredible international opportunities Yale has to offer.

David Truong, ES '14, is a Political Science major who has studied abroad three times in five different countries during his time at Yale. After spending one summer studying international relations at the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom and the following summer studying Mandarin Chinese at the University of international Business and Economic in Beijing, China (through the generosity of the Richard U. Light Fellowship), he decided to spend the Fall semester of his junior year abroad on the International Honors Program: Cities in the 21st Century. Through this program, he went to Sao Paulo, Brazil; Cape Town, South Africa; and Hanoi, Vietnam. He believes that studying abroad is an incredible rewarding opportunity that every student should have a chance to experience. Following graduation, he plans on enrolling in graduate school to obtain a degree in international relations and then joining the Foreign Service, which will once again lead him to another country abroad.

Before You Go...

You're on your way to the adventure of a lifetime, and you want to get the most out of your experience abroad. Here are some useful tips from the CIPE Study Abroad Peer Advisers.

Bon Voyage!