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International Internships

Since 2003, Office of Career Strategy has been developing global summer internship opportunities for our undergraduate students. The opportunities support a larger goal at Yale: to ensure that every Yale student has the chance to engage in some kind of international activity- study, research, or work- during their four years as an undergraduate.


The Yale-coordinated International Internships Program takes place in over 20 countries around the world and provides students with both a valuable work experience in an international setting and the chance to live in and learn about a culture different from their own. The opportunities are available in a variety of professional sectors and are open to all continuing (i.e. non-graduated) Yale undergraduates. Students may intern in fields as diverse as the arts, politics, health, technology, community advocacy, 'think tanks', finance, journalism, and law.

For full information about locations, positions, and details concerning application procedures, please visit the OCS website.

Apply for an existing internship or create your own?

In addition to the Yale-coordinated International Internships Program, individual students are sometimes able to create independent international internship opportunities. Depending on the location and professional field, this can be a challenging task, in part because the U.S concept of an internship is not always well understood in other countries, and organizations may not recognize an internship or practical training as part of an individual's experiential education. For these reasons, students who might wish to create their own independent internships are encouraged to meet with an OCS counselor to discuss their plans.

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Students may schedule a counseling appointment by contacting Office of Career Strategy by phone at (203) 432-0800 or by visiting the office during business hours.

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