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Plan for your International Experience

towersThe choice of when and for how long you go abroad depends largely on your goals for an international experience, as well as the academic and extracurricular flexibility of you life at Yale.  If your goals include full cultural immersion and language acquisition, you might consider a longer term experience abroad because of the time you will need to get to know your host country and its language. If you haven't yet spent much time abroad, a shorter program may be the way to start-perhaps a summer study abroad program, or an internship offered through Yale. We strongly suggest that freshmen consider spending the summer following their first year abroad: before becoming too deeply involved in your major or starting to rise through the ranks of a student organization, you may wish to take advantage of the opportunities Yale offers, and expand your college experience to include another country.

Goals for an International Experience

There are as many goals for international experience as there are students, but from our conversations common themes emerge:

bulletImprovement of language skills

bulletImmersion in another culture

bulletResearch for a senior essay, thesis, or other academic project

bulletActivity related to career plans

bulletNew perspective on the major

bulletThe opportunity to take academic courses not available at Yale


passportPassport Reminder

In order to travel internationally, you will need a passport.  Make sure you've applied for your passport long before your experience abroad, in case there are any delays in processing your passport.