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Required ISA Report: Due September 1

Why do I have to write a report?

  • The International Summer Awards are made possible thanks to the generosity of donors. To help us recognize their contributions-and to help demonstrate to them the profound value of these experiences-we ask you to provide a report on your experiences at the end of the summer. We will share your report with the ISA donors.
  • Writing your ISA report is also an excellent and valuable opportunity for you to reflect on your experience abroad, and to think about how the experience will affect your academic, personal, and profession goals moving forward.
The 2016 ISA Application Opens February 1, 2016

Contact us at MyCIPE@yale.edu if you have questions about the ISA.

How do I submit the report?

  • During the summer, CIPE will send you the report as a template that you are required to complete.
  • Enter your information as indicated in the text fields, add 1-2 pages of additional description of your summer experience directly into the template document.
  • Save the completed report on your computer as a Word document in the following format: "First name.Last name.doc" (please include the ".doc" stem).

What do I have to say in this report?

View a sample ISA report.

When is the report due?

What happens if I do not submit the report on time?

Any or all of the following consequences may occur:

What if I have to complete multiple reports?