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The International Summer Award (ISA) provides a stipend for one summer experience abroad for eligible undergraduate students receiving a Yale scholarship. The ISA can help fund:

Types of ISAs

Eligible students may receive one of the following types of ISAs, depending on their summer activity:

  • ISA-SIC for Fellowships
    International Summer Award - Student Income Contribution
    • The ISA-SIC provides a pro-rated* amount of the Student Income Contribution (SIC).
    • Students who win a Yale funded summer fellowship for an international activity of four or more weeks duration may be eligible for ISA-SIC funding.
  • ISA-SIC Plus for Study or Internship Programs
    International Summer Award - Student Income Contribution, plus a percentage of program costs
    • The ISA-SIC Plus provides a pro-rated* amount of the Student Income Contribution (SIC) plus a percentage of the program budget, based on the student's need for financial aid in 2013-2014.
    • Students participating in an ISA eligible program may be eligible for ISA-SIC Plus funding.
    • The maximum amount of ISA-SIC Plus funding will not exceed $10,000. This amount includes the summer income contribution.

*The SIC amount that a student receives will be pro-rated based on the length of the student's experience abroad.


A Quick Guide to ISAs

When: Summer
Who is eligible: Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors receiving Yale Scholarship
Types of funding:
ISA-SIC for fellowships
ISA-SIC Plus for study or internship programs
ISA Deadline: May 1, 2014
Please note that deadlines for fellowships, study abroad and internship programs are earlier.
View the 2014 ISA Information Session Presentation

Contact us at if you have questions about the ISA.

Other Sources of Funding

If you are not eligible to receive an ISA, or need additional funds to support your experience, view other sources of funding.


Summer Income Contribution (SIC) Information

The summer 2014 SIC grant is $3,050.

Students on financial aid who do not have a student income contribution (SIC) requirement are not eligible for the ISA-SIC or the SIC portion of the ISA-SIC Plus. However, these students may be eligible for the additional funding portion of the ISA-SIC Plus.