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Calculate your International Summer Award

The ISA is intended to cover a percentage of the program's set budget. It will not cover all expenses of a student's experience abroad. Students with 100% need will most likely need to contribute their own money for program expenses.

ISA for Study or Internship Programs

The ISA includes:

  • a percentage of the program budget equal to the student's need as determined by the financial aid office in 2014-15.

To calculate your ISA funding

  1. Find out your percent eligibility.
  2. View your total program budget.
  3. Multiply your percent eligibility (converted to a decimal) by your total program budget amount.
Program budget
Your % eligibility
Your ISA


Program budget x Your % eligibility = Your ISA


Click Here to View the ISA Program Budgets

The 2016 ISA Application Opens February 1, 2016

International Students:

Please note that you must complete certain forms at the International Tax Office before receiving the ISA. If you have not already done so, please make an appointment at Yale's International Tax Office.

Other Sources of Funding

If you are not eligible to receive an ISA, or need additional funds to support your experience, view other sources of funding.

Contact us at if you have questions about the ISA.

If a student's International Summer Award does not cover the full cost of their program abroad, the student is responsible for paying the balance. Some possible sources of funding include: