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How to Get Started


Search the Student Grants Database

Most of the information you will need about the fellowships available, their eligibility requirements, their application processes and deadlines, can be found on the Student Grants Database.

This is your first, and most important step, in identifying opportunities for which you and your proposed project may be eligible.


Attend a fellowships information session

Fellowship Programs offers many general information sessions and others focused on specific opportunities. Attending these will help you ask yourself the right questions and understand what you should do to get started.

Attend a workshop (or a few workshops!)

The offices within CIPE offer many workshops, including sessions on proposal writing and résumés. Check these out to begin working on those application details.

Meet with a Fellowship Programs adviser

After you've attended an information session, CIPE's fellowship advisers are happy to answer any further questions and to speak with you one-on-one about your plans and your proposal.

Seek advice from past candidates

Talk to those who have already gone through the process of planning their summer project or applying to a national postgraduate fellowship. Their inside information will help you to prepare for your own experience. Aside from your own social network, here are some other resources:

Start making contacts

Want to begin exploring specific options, but not sure how to start making contacts? Check out this list of Yale and non-Yale resources:

Explore other Yale resources

The University has a lot of information that would be helpful to students planning a research project, an internship, for graduate school, or for other activities.


Applying for summer funding?

Interested in global health?

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To see a selection of national and Yale fellowships available to you based on your class year, use these links: