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Graduate Fellowship Affiliates

Looking for good advice about major fellowships like Fulbright, Gates, Marshall, Rhodes, and Truman?

Graduate Fellowship Affiliates (GFAs) are on-campus past-recipients of major fellowships who have volunteered to help Yale students applying for similar awards. They offer informal advice on fellowship matters, as well as about graduate/professional school applications and the benefits and challenges of a year or two of study abroad after Yale. From their personal experience, they can offer invaluable insights into programs, fellowship applications and interviews, and much more. GFAs also give valuable assistance in the mock interviews organized to help prepare finalists for national fellowship interviews.

Many GFAs are graduate affiliates of particular residential colleges, but any Yale student is very welcome to contact any Graduate Fellowship Affiliate. (Please remember to thank anyone who helps you with your applications!) in Fellowship Programs has an even more extensive list of contacts you might find useful for UK fellowships; just ask.


Graduate Fellowship Affiliates 2013-14

Jane Abbottsmith Gates Scholar
Alexandra Adler DC '07 Gates Scholar
Conor Clarke Marshall Scholar
Mira Debs Rhodes Scholar
Ben Eidelson ES '08 Rhodes Scholar
David Emmerman Fulbrighter
Leslie Esbrook Fulbrighter
Anna Graber TC '08 Fulbrighter
Raphael Graybill Rhodes Scholar
Andrew Hammond Truman & Rhodes Scholar
Robert James TD '05 Gates Scholar
Webb Lyons Truman Scholar
Matt Meizlish TC '11 Keasbey Scholar
Karl Minges Fulbrighter
Rachel Shalev Marshall Scholar
Geoff Shaw BR '10 Rhodes Scholar
Joshua Silverstein JE '10 Gates Scholar
Kelly Stoner Fulbrighter
Daniel Townsend CC '10 Fulbrighter
Julie Veroff Rhodes Scholar