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Information for Faculty, Deans, and Recommenders

Well-conceived fellowship projects that take good advantage of the academic and other resources available can impact students' trajectories in many positive ways. Advisers and mentors play key roles throughout the process.

How should students use fellowships?

The experiences that fellowships support during a student's undergraduate years or beyond are not, and should not be, merely "check box" activities. In other words, the summer activity a student proposes after her sophomore year might inform her choice of major, cultivate a long-hold interest, or give her valuable exposure to the intricacies of her chosen field of study. The postgraduate activity a student plans might prepare him for his future career, get him ready for advanced degree study, or allow him to finally pursue a passion full-time. A fellowship-supported activity should fit into the student's "big picture," rather than remain a one-off, stand-alone experience.


How can faculty, deans, and recommenders help?

As you prepare to advise on, write letters of recommendations for, and sit on committees for the various fellowships for which students apply, please feel free to refer to the links on the right or to reach out to our office to address any questions or concerns you might have.

Thank you for potentially supporting a fellowship applicant and the larger fellowship process within Yale College.

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