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Tim Gladding SY '13

Hailing from Winston-Salem, NC (the coolest lame town ever), Timothy Huntington Ulysses Gladding's biggest childhood dream upon reading Lord of the Rings was to run away and become a hobbit. While he's still a long way from The Shire, he's got the YPMB to make his days as epic as anything Tolkien could've dreamed up.


Before he started waving his arms around and causing music, Tim 'boned with the best of them as Trombone Section Leader and wowed audiences from New Jersey to the Yale Bowl as Production Manager, always carrying a spare joke along the way. Favorite memories include constructing the supermassive bulldog patronus of 2011's The Game show and that time when everybody dressed up like animals.


Outside the YPMB, Tim can be found playing euphonium with the Yale Concert Band and A Streetcar Named Funk, being sketchy and comedic with Red Hot Poker sketch comedy, and singing the low notes with the Yale Glee Club. An Anthropology major focusing on archaeology, Tim has not yet disturbed an ancient Native American burial ground and brought a curse upon the whole Gladding clan, but it's only a matter of time.

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