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Sophia Szymkowiak and Ben Eskildsen, Section Leaders    

"Certainly, in the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful." - This is Spinal Tap

Are you awesome? Do you play an instrument? Welcome to the Straaangs! In Straangs, simply put, we melt faces with our brand of epic rock.That extra oomph when we rip on Twelve Gauge? That would be us. We lay the musical smackdown, instill awe, fear and envy in the opposition's eyes, and nothing could be more glorious. In fact, you could say we compensate for some other sections'...ahem, shortcomings.

Here, you can shred on electric (or acoustic!) guitar, jam on bass, blow minds on an orchestral string instrument (violin, viola, and cello!), march with instruments that weren't meant to be marched with (keytar? Musical saw? Absolutely!) Don't play a stringed instrument at all? We're also home to glockenspiels, pennywhistles, and accordions. It's an exciting time to be a Straaang - we may be the youngest section, but we're the fastest-growing.* We're what separates the YPMB from those "other bands" out there, and you're guaranteed to get the most intrigued, longing glances of all the sections in the band. Let's not forget who the rock stars are.

Gear? We've got it covered. In fact, our amps go to 12... and we can prove it. Our instrument store is currently rocking an excellent Fender Hot Rod Deluxe tube amp, a bass amp, a great Marshall solid state, an Ibanez solid state, a Peavey solid state, and "The Backpack Amp" - the battery-powered, back-harnessed beast that makes onlookers' jaws drop almost as fast as if we were to...well, that's another story. We've hooked up ukuleles, banjos, violins, and cellos, and our collection is amassing new acquisitions constantly, with a veritable wall of sound as the goal. Secondary, of course, to world domination.

Life in the YPMB is superior to life in all other bands, but life as a Straaangs rock star in the YPMB has got to be the best of the best. We can promise you tons of bonding time, tons of excellent snacks, and tons of attractiveness. Straaangs always rock it loud, fast, and sexy. Clearly, we only teach life skills here. And nothing compares to the rush of playing for thousands of screaming Yalies in the Yale Bowl at The Game - the only feeling more epic is that of going home afterwards and remembering that you're a Straaang.

Sound. Fury. Glory. Be there.

Interested in joining, or want to know more? Email Sophia or Ben.

*Margin of error: +⁄- 100%. We actually have no idea, but that sounds right.


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