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Elizabeth James, Squideity    

What is a squid?

Squids are invertebrates, meaning they have no backbone, and they are also mollusks, meaning they have shells. The squid has adapted to having its shell on the inside of its body. A squid has a cigar-shaped body with two fins on either side that keep the squid balanced and aid in swimming. Squids range in size from 8 inches (20 centimeters) to 56 feet (17 meters) and weigh up to three tons. Squids have 10 arms, two of which are tentacles with flattened ends covered with suckers. Like all cephalopods, squids have well-defined eyes.

Cut the crap. Who are YOU?

Although invertebrates, we are paradoxically the backbone of the YPMB. And although not musically inclined, we are paradoxically full members of the marching band. Saxes. Trumpets. Sousaphones. Flutes. Even KBB. Not everyone feels the need to put objects in their mouth. Some of us just feel the need to. . . BUILD. PAINT. DANCE. BURN. DUCT. ACT. FLY. SNIFF PAINT FUMES.

Thus, the squid section is the YPMB's miscellaneous minuteman utility interpretive bigger-is-better division. And we're the only such section in the Ivy League - nay, the United States - nay, the world. Not necessarily musically-talented - okay, not nessarily talented at all, we squids add flair and punch to each show. Whether we grove in formation or carry our masterpiece props of cardboard, duct tape, and paint, we're the visually interesting additions to the band. We are - or, at least, we create - eye candy (See Figure 1: Squid Love).

Mmmmm. . . eye candy. Tell me more of this. . . eye candy. . .

Although we made kick-ass props, co-ordinate mighty mighty explosions, and shake it at every football game, we always save some of our strength for the climactic finale - the Yale-hahvahd game. While most every other prop we make is two-dimensional, The Game calls for three-dimensional splendor in the form of the Überprop.

Past Überprops (Pictures available below)

2010 Dmitri - a sprakling blue toruk (the species of dragon from the movie Avatar), who, with the Squiddeities on his back, drove the Cantabots away from our blue planet.
2009 Shield of Yaleonidas - a mosaic of 64 small shields that, when combined, displayed a giant Yale crest, then flipped over to read "Yale Will Win."
2008 Woody - a large missile designed to break through the "Berlin Wall" (2008 Ünterprop).
2007 Bessie - a Salovey-o-saurus large enough to comfortably contain ten people, complete with lots of fearsome spikes, a moving head, and a chomping jaw. Terrordactyls stood no chance.
2006 Peggy - a huge pegasus with a 40-foot wingspan and steam coming out of its nose which helped defeat hahvahd's puny many-headed Hydra.
2005 WWI Battle - a massive tank with turret, treads, and 15-foot-long cannon which shot down the hahvahd weather balloon, and a fleet of biplanes which ended the reign of the Crimson Baron.
2004 Alain! - the giant dodecapus (that means "twelve legged sea monster") that ravaged the H.M.S. Compensation (2004's Ünterprop).
2003 The Spider - with eight huge independently moving legs, working mandibles, and a thirty yard wide web, this uberprop was downright scary.  
2002 The Snake - black-bodied cobra with silver Y stripes.  At 105' total, the largest uberprop ever!
2001 Peaches the Dragon, a ginormous fire-and-smoke breathing blue dragon.
2000 The Pirate Ship - the "Booty Hunter" - two-stories tall, thirty-five feet long, with real cannon fire, and immense Yale sails; the show also featured the classic Grollman-Belinkie catapult
1999 The Train - forty feet of true blue train, with Nathan Hale riding atop and smoke pouring out
1998 The Tank - with real working gun turret
1997 to us, Nessie (the Loch Ness monster) - to you, an UMA (unidentified marine animal)
1996 The Shark - with a fin that stalked predatorily through the crowd

Sounds fun.  How do I get in on this action?

E-mail Squideity Elizabeth to become one of the cool people.  (See Figure 2: "Welcome!").



Squid Photos:

Überprop 2004:

Überprop 2005:

Older Squid Photos:

1999's Überprop, The Train

2000's Überprop, The Booty Hunter

2001's Überprop, The Dragon

2002's Überprop, The Snake


2003's Überprop, 
The Spider

Splinters-in-butt prevention

Squids, dead and alive, at Tercentennial 2000

Steph gets a lift from John McGann

Taking a break from building The Booty Hunter

Mer, hard at work

Believe it or not, this mess of cardboard became a huge pirate ship.

Steph and Mer at the attack-banding of Grand Central

John McGann.  He's going to be a doctor someday.

Squids @ The Whale


Look at Shana's drawing  to the left of Mark.


Something good happened!

Dan and Alex, caught blue-handed.

Widener she said, so Widener I painted.

Shana and Dan, breaking hearts at their very first game.


Artist-in-residence Meghan paints Harkness.


Manager/Mommy Mer moves masterfully.  And check out the squid hat!

Down The Field, squid-style.

Steph and John work on building the Snake. 

Goddess Lauren and announcer Pete host 2002 Uberprop script.


The Love Boat, soon we'll be making another run.