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Rosa Li CC'09

Hailing from the far-off land of Texas, Rosa Li brings to the job of drum major an unbeatable combination of rock star magnetism, keen and piercing intellect, and a penchant for singing along, even when she doesn't know the words. The only football game she's ever missed was the one where the band spelled her name on the field; after that, she resolved never to miss another YPMB event again.

Rosa earned her YPMB wings as KBB section leader, banging her way into the hearts of the band. She continued her career as band social chair before assuming the role of whistle-bearer. Other highlights of her career in the band include being the crotch of the pre-game Y, accidentally locking herself and the band president in the band office...and carrying on an extensive conversation with then-governor of New York George Pataki while clad only in white pants and a YPMB sports bra.

Rosa is a psychology major, and when she's not directing the band, she's playing with monkeys in Yale's Capuchin Cognition lab or looking at people's brainwaves in Yale's Human Neuroscience Lab. She's also probably the first Drum Major to have her own candy blog. It's a pretty sweet job, especially when chocolatiers send her samples, which she is always kind enough to share at Band Lunch. Her talents even extend beyond banging things and waving her arms around-she plays clarinet in the Yale Concert Band and Berkeley College Orchestra.

It was a wild ride, and she wouldn't have had it any other way.

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