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Kate Kraft SM '10

Hailing from La Canada, California, a small town north of Los Angeles, Kate cannot believe she left In N’ Out burgers and sunshine for New Haven. Fortunately for her, she has the Members Of… to make her days at Yale bright and shiny.


As section leader of KBB in 2007-2008, Kate expressed boundless enthusiasm for early morning cymbal crashes and dancing during warm-up. She especially enjoyed her career as a drummer because it left her mouth free to eat gummy candy and sing every song at the top of her lungs while head banging. As DM, she will greatly miss cadencing and supposes someone will have to finally teach her the dance to Omega.


Kate was born in the far-off country of South Africa and spends her days longing to travel. She curbs that urge by taking introductory language classes serially; currently Swahili. A history major, Kate is attempting (in vain) to study African history while every African professor at Yale doesn’t get tenure and skips off to Guadalajara or Oregon. When she’s not waving her arms around with the YPMB, she plays timpani for the Concert Band, various brass instruments for student orchestras, and Silliman IM Girls Volleyball. She also plays the bells of Harkness Tower weekly, most famously The Godfather Theme and Don’t Stop Believing.


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