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Kate Carter SM '12

Kate's first collegiate goal, before she really knew anything about band--or college--was to earn a full-ride scholarship as first chair recorder player in some really prestigious group. And now she's in the YPMB, which doesn't pay her but is pretty full of prestige (that's the "P")...and which has featured a recorder soloist, though sadly it wasn't her.


After years in an Iowa marching band (Midwest!), Kate was dazzled by a band that played Bohemian Rhapsody--The Defenestration of Prague--at the pre-frosh Midnight Rehearsal. She has since done anything that she can to add the mania. She led her clARRRRinets to victory as a Section Leader, fed the band as a Social Chair, and performed as a Singing Bus Leader. She sported paint-splattered jeans while preparing a giant Spartan shield for The Game of 2009 and dragon wings for 2010, changed from business suit to hockey jersey in order to sneakily attack-band the swanky Hedgefund Rocktoberfest in an NYC blues club, and walked around Hahvahd in footed pajamas looking for the band's lunch.


When she is not spending her waking hours with the YPMB, Kate enjoys short drives to the elementary school where she works, reading the works of primarily male and mostly dead guys for the English major, singing with the Yale Glee Club (shhh, we don't talk about that here), and sleeping. Make friends by offering her chocolate, a conversation about Star Wars, or a kitten.

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