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Karl Gunderson, DC '05

Karl, as Drum Major during an election year and a Republican, made sure that the band was fair and balanced in mocking both presidential candidates (not that it was hard to do). But the most memorable halftime shows of Karl's Drum Major-ship weren't political at all - the show that didn't matter (which may have included a baby being punted on the field) and the hilariously child-scarring "Lock 'n Load Me Elmo" show will forever be imprinted on the minds of those who witnessed them. For better or worse.

Karl also led the band through a change in academic administration - the departure of Dean Brodhead and arrival of Dean Salovey. Both Deans appeared in the classic band movie Surewood, and Karl's attempts to teach Dean Salovey to conduct were a frequent sight throughout the football season.

Whether conducting at hockey and basketball, directing the first football rehearsal inside the Yale Bowl on a gorgeous fall day, or leading 200 people and two massive überprops to a YPMB victory in Lamebridge, Karl's cool head and Midwestern charm saw to it that the band was always one big happy family.

When you see his name on a ballot someday, remember to vote Gunderson!

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