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Elliot Eaton

As a young and still innocent child growing up in Spokane, WA, Elliot once confessed his greatest aspiration through sleep-talk: "I want to be a pickle." While he has yet to fulfill this dream, he has achieved the next best thing: YPMB Drum Major.

Elliot knew he was sold on the YPMB the first time he showed up as a pre-frosh at music rehearsal, where the written score's direction was "Really Friggin' Loud." Ever since, he trumpeted his little heart out, ripping out the high notes and hailing down a swath of musical destruction on the enemy team. He enjoyed tenures as Singing Bus Leader and Trumpet Section Leader, always staying true to his unabashed enthusiasm and devastatingly good looks. Favorite moments include: wielding Bessy, the 30 foot 2007 Uberprop, getting detained by Yale security who thought he was attempting to assassinate Tony Blair, and attack-banding "Hedgefund Rocktoberfest," where the band partied with investment-banking rockstars.

Possibly because he needs the attention as a gangly blonde, Elliot likes to travel to Japan while he pursues Japanese through the East Asian Studies major, occasionally dabbling in science, tree-hugging environmentalism, and history. As a proud brother of the Sigma Chi fraternity, he takes bromance very seriously. He also works part-time at the Yale Admissions Office, the New Haven start-up business SeeClickFix, and the JE Buttery, where he's known to fry up a mean manwich. His secret hobbies include cake baking and high fives.


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