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KWilliam G, Section Leader    

So you've made it to college. Never again will you have to write another boring essay, suck up to another teacher for another recommendation, or put on stifling uniforms with Q-tip hats and march in formation while playing West Side Story. That's right...well, almost. Trade in your essays for papers, your rec's for... more rec's. Trade in your ear-cleaning implements for a snazzy blazer and a pair of blindingly white pants. Then pick up your instrument of creative destruction and join the YPMB Clarinets!

But, you ask...why join our fair section? If our gorgeous section picture hasn't seduced you yet, there's the shows. Every week is different - different script, different rockin' music by our student arrangers - and every week the clarinets get another awesome part to play. Then there's the reason you want to play clarinet in the first place: ear-splitting, profanity-inducing, supersonic, high notes. Watch the flutes cringe and even the mighty 'bones and siouxzas tremble in fear. Like my mom always said, it's better to give than to receive, and never is that statement truer than when you're giving to the world a high A, or B, or C (3 octaves above middle C!) Then there's our section cheer (in 3 parts!), section snacks, and other section learn more about all of these, come and find out!

In short, whether you've made All-States or can count the number of reeds you've played on one hand (or one finger), join us! If you were drum major in high school or have never before set foot on a football field, join us! If you know the difference between a circle, a square, and the letter "Y", JOIN US! If you don't, then check the name of the school on your acceptance letter...and then join us! We live in an uncertain world, but if one thing's for sure, it's that hahvahd's team may fight to the end, but YALE WILL WIN!

Got questions? Wanna join? Email WillThe section leader.



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