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Ben Jorns, BR '07

Hailing from the great state of Illinois, Benjamin Alexander Jorns was a first-rate musician, athlete, and scholar. He played trumpet in the Yale Concert Band from freshman year on, and served as YPMB Trumpet Section Leader and Yale Bands Social Chair his sophomore and junior years, respectively. Ben was also a founding member of the Yale DROP team. He got to experience weightlessness and, if you date him, so can you.

Ben brought together just the right combination of enthusiasm, skill, dedication, and perseverance necessary to be a two-thumbs-way-WAY-up DM. Oh, and he was also totally not sketchy at all. Honest.

Ben marched (scattered?...whatever...) the Band to newfound glory as Yale's football team brought home its first Harvard-Yale win in 5 years, along with a share in the Ivy Title.

Also, Ben was the first DM to become a widely popular Facebook interest. Everyone enjoyed "looking at Ben Jorns."

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