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  Dance Movements (1997) PHILIP SPARKE Dance Movements was commissioned by the U.S. Air Force Band, who first performed it in January 1996. The piece is cast in four movements which play without a break, the second of which features the woodwinds, and the third, the brass. Of his composition, Sparke says: “The four movements are all dance-inspired, although no specific dance rhythms are used.The first has a Latin American feel and uses xylophone, cabasa, tambourine and wood block to give local color. The second Woodwind movement uses a tune that had been plaguing me for some time and is, I suppose, in the style of an English country dance. The Brass movement was composed without specific dance analogy, but I think it can be seen as a love duet in classical ballet. The fourth and longest movement has, I hope, cured me of a ten-year fascination, almost obsession, with the music of Leonard Bernstein and I will readily admit that it owes its existence to the fantastic dance music in West Side Story.”
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