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  Arabian Nights Overture (1996) JOSHUA ROSENBLUM “Arabian Nights Overture is an adaptation of and fantasia on themes from a musical theater piece I wrote called, not surprisingly, Arabian Nights. The musical relates the classic adventures of Scheherezade, who, in order to keep her new husband, the brutal Sultan, from killing her, must entertain him each night by telling him beguiling stories. These are the tales of the 1001 Arabian Nights, which include well-known stories such as ÔAladdin,’ ÔAli Baba and the 40 Thieves,’ and ÔSinbad.’ This piece is in the form and style of a Broadway show overture, but takes advantage of the colors made possible by a concert band instrumentation. I’m grateful to Tom Duffy for giving me this opportunity to re-conceive and further explore the thematic possibilities of these musical ideas.” ÑJoshua Rosenblum
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