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  Three Dance Episodes from "On The Town" was arranged by Marice Stith for the Cornell University Wind Ensemble from the original pit orchestra scoring. The ballet, originally entitled "Fancy Free," depicts a New York street corner and bar. Three sailors appear, obviously on the prowl for girls. The story of the ballet unfolds as the sailors walk about New York City on twenty-four hour leave. The first sailor dances in an acrobatic vaudeville style; the second sailor changes from mock gentility to a sensuous dancehall style; the third sailor displays an intensely emotional acrobatic style. The music reflects these choreographic attributes. The original scoring was for a military band of 5 flutes, seven oboes, 20 clarinets, 10 bassoons, 6 horns, 6 trumpets, 9 trombones, 3 tubas, and 6 muted snare drums.
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