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  Concerto for Winds (1998) JENSEN HARRIS Concerto for Winds is a virtuosic four-movement piece for wind ensemble; tonight Movements I and III will be performed. The first movement is a miniature overture which foreshadows the music of the rest of the concerto. The angular main theme is scored in extremely high solo woodwinds. The more playful middle section foreshadows music in the third movement of the Concerto. At the end of the movement the main themes return, but this time they are unable to reach a resolution. Theme upon theme stack on top of one another in powerful blocks of sound. Finally, in frustrated fury the movements screeches to a halt, leaving only the empty carcass of the main theme behind. The third movement is a playful Trauerscherzo (death joke). Two threads of music weave the musical texture: the high instruments tossing around the chromatic canonic theme, and low instruments intoning a lyrical chaccone. As the movement proceeds, the two threads gradually morph., with the low voices gradually taking on more of the character of the fast material and the high voices losing energy. Just as the conflict between the voices seems finally to have been won by the powerful low voices, in the distance are heard echoes of the second movement in high woodwinds. Rejuvenated, the two voices speed recklessly toward the end of the movement.
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